Computer Operator Supervisor Resume Objective

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Job Description:

Here are the computer operator supervisor job responsibilities.

  • Supervising the performance of workplace.
  • Observing malfunction of various equipment.
  • Troubleshoot scanning related problems.
  • Overseeing DVD Cutting.

  • Performing various operations of data processing.
  • Providing guidelines to improve performance of computer operator.
  • Interviewing and hiring new staff for computer operation.
  • Conducting training programs for newly hired computer operators.
  • Managing operational team schedule.
  • Maintaining organizational filing system.
  • Leading the team of 10 computer operators.
  • Maintaining various output devices of computer system.
  • Preparing computer operation status report for senior management.

Followings are the main and essential skills for the job of computer operator supervisor.

  • Exceptional record keeping knowledge.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Able to give oral and written instructions.
  • Superb leadership ability.
  • Capability to operate different computer software.
  • Ability to meets tight deadlines.
  • Excellent organizational practice.
  • Capable to handle various office equipment.
  • Always ready to solve computer related issues.
  • Operating system skills: Windows XP, Windows 2007, Windows Vista, Linux, UNIX, MS DOS.
  • Programming language knowledge such as C, C++, Java, Java Scripting, and Python.
  • Strong team member with good administrative support.
Objective Statements:

Resume objective is the way to express your career ideas and future plans.

  • Professionally experienced and trained computer operator looking for the job of computer operator supervisor in organization where I can give my best performance with the help of my computer knowledge and administrative knowledge. I have 3 years of experience in working as computer operator as well as I have completed bachelor's degree in Computer Science which must help me to do my job perfectly.
  • I am searching for the job opportunity of Computer Operator Supervisor in an organization where I am capable to utilize my capability and educational qualification in operating computer system. Willing to put my effort in the advancement of organization and to develop my professional experience as computer operator supervisor.
  • An employment opportunity of computer operator supervisor in a talented and professional business environment that permit me to use my skills and support me to develop my knowledge in this field. I would like to highlight that I have done extensive training in Micro-Computer Specialist from ABC Computer Institute as well as I have also done bachelors degree in science. Searching for the job where I can use my above mentioned qualification area.
  • Currently finding a position of computer operator supervisor in progressive firm. This is important to mention that I have completed diploma in Computer Operations and Computer Science. Exceptional computer knowledge and good organizational skills as well as supervisory skills should assist me to perform my responsibilities and also to develop organizational reputation.
  • To obtain a computer operator supervisor job position where I able to use my aptitudes as a part of your organization. I would like to offer my qualification area to achieve organizational targets and to develop business productivity as well as development of computer operation.
With the help of above resume objective statements you can be able to get best job opportunity in organizational field.