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Job Description:

Here are the main job responsibilities for the post of criminal law clerk.

  • Helping criminal law attorney in their tasks.
  • Performing research and Collecting facts of cases.
  • Assisting criminal layers to prepare case related documents.
  • Maintaining documents and information of clients.
  • Presenting case related documents to the criminal law attorney for court processing and evaluating.

  • Supporting senior lawyers in interviewing witnesses and preparing statements of witness.
  • Writing opinions under the instructions of the judge
  • Participating in criminal investigation activities.
  • Working as assistant for criminal layers.
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with clients.

You have to gain followings skills to become a criminal law clerk.

  • Exceptional communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Great presentation knowledge.
  • Superb interviewing skills.
  • Ability to handle critical situation.
  • Exceptional capability to work with senior criminal layers.
  • Communicating effectively with third party.
  • Good ability to maintain case related information and other records.
  • Capability to perform criminal investigation activities.
  • Able to provide clerical and organizational support.
  • In depth knowledge of legal terminology and related concepts.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet.
  • Outstanding potential to collaborate with judges and attorneys.
  • Strong decision making skills.
Objective Statements:

Here are the job objective points for the resume of criminal law clerk.

  • I search for a job as a criminal law clerk in a reputed law firm which can make use of my educational qualification, ability to assist criminal lawyer and strong communication for the development of law firm.
  • To obtain a responsible job position in the field of law with the exploitation of more than 5 years of experience in working with criminal lawyer. I would like to mention that I have done master's degree in juries doctor from the University of XYZ; my qualification can be helpful for my job performance.
  • Looking for the best job opportunity in progressive law organization where I can apply my legal knowledge and other professional skills as a helpful contribution in legal environment. I have many years of experience in this field that can also assist me to perform as a criminal law clerk.
  • Seeking for the position as criminal law clerk to prove my critical thinking and problem solving skills with extraordinary academic background, wide legal knowledge and experience by providing best ways to solve legal problems.
  • Keenly interested in client relation in order to direct them in their complex legal problems by making use of my professional abilities and wide legal knowledge. I have completed bachelor's degree in criminal law from XYZ University that should help me to make positive contribution in legal procedures.
Above information will help you to write effective resume of criminal law clerk.

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