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Law Clerk (Judicial) Resume

A judicial law clerk resume is required by professionals who wish to specialize in judicial administrative services. They may refer to the sample resume provided on this page for retrieving required information. It provides information on various aspects of resume writing, such as layout, language to be used, professional comprehension, credentials to be shared, highlighting the same for strong impact, etc.

However, judicial law clerk resume sample, which acts as quick source for gathering relevant, should be carefully selected. The best way to do so is, first analyze the job description provided by the employers, and then look for sample resumes, which meet these requirements. Acknowledging the importance of a reliable and professional resume example, we have shared a judicial law clerk resume, drafted after carefully analyzing various job descriptions. Candidates must note that a judicial law clerk has different set of responsibilities when compared with other law clerks, and these to vary depending on court and concerned judge. A judicial law clerk can also be called by different names such as these, given below, and should not be confused with other profiles.

Alternate names for Judicial Law Clerk position

  • Judge's Law Clerk
  • Legal Judicial Clerk
  • Judicial Clerk
  • Judge's Legal Assistant
  • Others, depending on individual court or judge

Candidates may further include their own ideas to give the resume, unique and personalized look. Additional details too may be included, if they are supportive to candidature. However, while doing so, it must be ascertained that flow of information and uniformity of the pattern in not disturbed. Any detail included, should also be ascertained for reliability and genuineness. The same must be supported with adequate documented proofs, whenever required. Specific sections, such as resume objective, professional skill-sets, job responsibilities handled, etc., must be carefully customized, befitting to one's professional profile. For precise information on every section of the judicial legal clerk resume, we recommend that candidates refer to the resume example provided below.

Sample Law Clerk (Judicial) Resume
(Should be customized, if referred by inexperienced candidates)

Joanne L. Cote

1381 Java Lane
South Carolina - 29827
Phone: (803) 632 7477

Career Objective

In quest of challenging assignments as a Judicial Law Clerk in a district court, where my experience and skills can be brought to effective use, and help optimize the judicial process by providing Judge's with reliable and consistent support for various administrative activities.

Career Recital

An experienced law clerk with 3 years of experience working in different courts, I have handled diverse responsibilities assigned by Judge's, and provided them with reliable and efficient services, to ensure judicial proceedings are quick, accurate and effective. Key skills, as imbibed by experience include, and are not limited to:

  • Exposure to different courts, such as U.S. Appeals Courts, District Courts, Tax Courts, and Federal Claims Courts
  • In-depth knowledge of court proceedings and processes involved
  • Legal documentation
  • Transcripts preparation
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management ability

Professional Experience

Law Clerk (Judicial) (November, 2010 - till date)
South Carolina Association of Law Clerks, 4246 Villas Dr., Unit 702, Little River, SC
Duties and Responsibilities

  • To work primarily with Trial court, District court, and Federal Claims court judges
  • Responsible for maintaining judge's library updated with relevant and recent documents, case histories, testimonies, etc.
  • Assist in drafting various legal documents, such as court notices, summons, and others
  • Research old records and changes in existing laws, and inform judges about the same, if they affect any trial or case
  • Collect and analyze facts and documents pertaining to any trial, and summarize them for quick review by judge
  • Prepare transcripts of ongoing trails for judge's review
  • Coordinate with both parties involved in court for scheduling appointments for trial
  • Ensure court room is prepared and judge table is well organized
  • To assist judge in proof reading documents, citing references for final opinion, and other administrative works
  • Organize for joint conferences for settlement between litigants
  • To maintain correspondences with attorneys and lawyers for long duration trials
  • Assist trial court judges in finding facts and coordinating with litigants for sharing crucial information

Legal Clerk for Judges (Volunteer service) (2009 - 2010)
South Carolina Association of Law Clerks, 4246 Villas Dr., Unit 702, Little River, SC
Duties and Responsibilities

  • To work primarily with Trial court, Tax court and Appellate court judges
  • Assist judges in finding facts and scrutinizing documents submitted by litigants
  • Research case documents and prepare synopsis for judge's review and analysis
  • Coordinate with litigants and federal agencies for sharing information
  • Make sure that trial or court room is well organized and prepared for the session
  • Ensure proper transfer of information and documents for cases transferred from trial court to appellate court
  • Assist in maintaining records of all trials, opinions, and preparation of various legal documents

Professional Skills

  • Effective knowledge of legal processes in various courts
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of legal documentation
  • Transcripts preparation
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management ability
  • Communication skills

Academic Qualifications

BA-LLB (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law) (2004 - 2009)
Bob Jones University, 1700 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC


Robin C. Ocampo
(Chief Justice - District Court)

405 Flagg St.
Myrtle Beach
South Carolina - 29757
Tel: (803) 240 1414


I declare that credentials shared above are true in all aspects, and can be supported with documented proofs, if required.

Signature: ####

Name: Joanne L. Cote

Date: May 23, 2012Place: Fairfax, SC

While drafting their resume by referring to the above shared judicial law clerk resume example, it is recommended that candidates also include their personal ideas, to give resume a unique and personalized look. They may include additional credentials, if they are relevant to the required job profile, and can be helpful in reinforcing claim for job suitability.

We hope that you find the sample resume, helpful and relevant to your requirements.

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