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Law Student Resume

Law student resume can be helpful for students in applying for internship or job openings for freshers. Students with prior experience are always give more preference than those with no relevant experience. Thus, it is always recommended that law students undertake internships and gain practical exposure to actual work requirements. It not only save time and resources spent in learning the same after the graduation, but also gives ample time to prepare for and learn other relevant subjects and skill-sets.

A convincing and professional resume is always the best way to present one's candidature, and can be helpful in casting a positive first impression. While drafting a resume, certain things should be kept in mind, such as formal layout, relevant content, appropriate presentation techniques, and promotional approach, so as employers are incited to review the candidature further, and hence call the candidate for personal interview rounds.

Being a student, most probably one would be writing the resume for the first time, and in such situations, a sample law student resume can be of much help. However, the details retrieved from the law student resume sample, should be appropriately modified, to present a customized candidature befitting one's professionalism. Students can also include a resume cover letter in the job application, to effectively convey their intended message, and to provide a befitting introduction to their resume. To help students draft a best possible resume, we have shared a law student resume example, which highlights the necessary skill-sets and qualifications required to become a successful law professional.

Law Student Resume Sample
(Applying for job)

Eric D. Cookson
4714 Wildwood Street
Ohio - 44224
Tel: (330) 688 4169

Career Objective:

Looking for a suitable opportunity to work with a reputed firm, with opportunities to explore my skill-sets, and help resolve legal litigations for organizational growth and personal professional development.

Academic Qualifications:

CourseInstituteAddressTermGrade (GPA)
JD (Juris Doctor)
Part time
National Law College3487 Belmont Ave.,
Youngstown, OH
2008 - 2012
BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Phoenix3200 Ridge Ave., SE,
Warren, OH
2005 - 200813.5

Professional Experience (Internship):

Research Associate
(Assistant to Attorney - Corporate Law)
Belmont County Law Department, 101 W Main St., Saint Clairsville, OH (2010 - till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research and analyze information available for logical interpretations
  • Assist Attorney in auditing the reports submitted for scrutiny
  • Analyze the agreement documents and terms and conditions mentioned their in
  • Coordinate with external agencies for sharing confidential information
  • Carry out legal formalities for filing lawsuit in the court
  • Seek and confirm appointments with concerned parties for discussion and investigation
  • Maintain record of all audited reports, investigations, and other relevant documents
  • Represent Attorney in court for generic activities
  • Collect necessary sample and reports from other agencies and parties, associated with the case
  • Visit sites for physical investigation
  • Schedule necessary appointments for clients visiting Attorney's office
  • Conduct preliminary discussion with the clients/customers to collect information about the case

Trainee Law Associate
(90 days internship as part of curriculum)
Cuyahoga County Appeals Court, Lakeside Ave Ste.202, Cleveland, OH
(September, 2008 - December, 2008)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist customers/clients visiting the court office for required information
  • Schedule appointments and assign reference numbers for litigations
  • Ensure court rooms are appropriately set for proceedings
  • Assist senior lawyers in filing necessary reports before the proceedings
  • Coordinate with security officers for screening convicts, entering the court room
  • Submit the research papers on behalf of clients, if required
  • Conduct preliminary investigation, in civil lawsuits
  • Attend court proceedings for clients and on personal interest
  • Conduct legal research for all law suits filed, as part of project Projects
  • Submitted research paper on 'Ohio Civil Law: Developments and Amendments'
  • Conducted research on 'Civil Lawsuits: Trends and causes', as part of BA curriculum

Professional Skills:

  • In depth knowledge of Civil and business laws
  • MS Office expertise
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Interests and hobbies:

  • Adventure games/sports: Para gliding, Motocross
  • Reading detective novels
  • Swimming


Russell I. Yoder
Attorney - Corporate Law
Belmont County Law Department
101 W Main St.
Saint Clairsville
Ohio - 44212
Tel: (330) 641 1270


I, hereby, confirm that the information provided above by me is true in all aspects, and can be supported with appropriate documents, if required, failing which my candidature can be terminated.

Name: Eric D. Cookson
Signature: #### Date: April 06, 2012Place: Stow, OH

In the above given law student resume example, students can also include details such as awards and achievements, professional memberships, etc., if they are relevant and supportive to the profile. However, any changes and inclusion of personal ideas should be made adhering to professional standards. It must be ensured that resume retains its visual appeal, to be able to grab employers' attention.

We hope the information is relevant and helpful for drafting a personalized and remarkable law student resume.

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