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Law Prevention Manager Resume

This page contains sample law prevention manager resume, an ideal source for aspiring candidates to grab relevant information, required for drafting a professional and inciting resume for their candidature presentation. Candidates can get all the information presented in a simple and professional manner through the sample resume, however, would require to customize them for best representation of their professionalism.

While sharing the credentials in the resume, it is advisable to prioritize and categorize them based on their relevancy to the job and support to candidature, to present a strong and convincing candidature. You will note that the sample law prevention manager resume highlights certain skill-sets, which are candidates' strong points and are relevant to the job profile, in order to present a promising candidature.

Here, candidate Mark. M. Padilla, specializes in legal aspects relating to loss prevention, as may be caused due to various safety hazards, such as theft, natural calamities, etc. It would include responsibilities such as examining the existing system against the federal guidelines, verifying insurance eligibility, case investigation, etc. We recommend that candidates also refer to the job description provided by the employers to better understand their expectations from the ideal candidate, and then present the candidature appropriately, It would make your resume inciting and help you win much desired interview call.

While making changes to the above shared law prevention manager resume sample, one must note that under the same profile, the associated job responsibilities can vary depending on individual organizational polices. For instance, a law prevention manager can also specialize in developing policies for curbing illegal activities, in which case s/he would be working in planning committee, and not operations team. Thus, candidates may study the organization profile for effectively drafting their resume. For information on resume writing and details to be shared in different sections of resume, we would recommend that candidates go through the below given law prevention manager resume example. It can also be referred for loss prevention manager resume, which requires similar skill-sets.

Law Prevention Manager Resume Sample
(For candidates with prior experience, can be customized for freshers appropriately)

Mark M. Padilla

4228 Elliot Avenue
WA - 98133
Phone: (206) 491 8025

Career Goal

Looking for exciting and challenging opportunities with reputed organizations, where my skill-sets and legal expertise can be brought to effective use for loss prevention and suppression of illegal and unethical business practices.

Career Synopsis

An adept legal professional specializing in general, corporate and criminal law, I have worked in diverse portfolios for the past 10 years. Typical job responsibilities included legal counseling, documentation, case investigation, preventive measures, legal policy making, loss and compensation evaluation, and many more. With skill-sets imbibed by experience, my leadership abilities have been helpful in successfully delivering assigned job responsibilities, and resolve intricate legal issues as well, to meet organizational goals.

Professional Experience

Assistant Law Prevention Manager (for Loss) (September, 2009 - Till date)
Grover Wine producers Pvt. Ltd., 2958 Limited Ln., NW Olympia, WA
Job Profile

To identify and take corrective measures for minimizing loss, as may be caused by illegal or unethical business practices.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for providing support to security and management team for drafting guidelines and develop policies to ensure ethical business practices, and discourage illegal activities
  • Investigated cases of fraud and unethical practices to identify and suspects and proceed with appropriate legal action
  • Prepared case studies for security officers to train them in handling various situations
  • Coordinated with Security Manager in developing security systems and processes for the organization
  • Designed department goals and policies for security department
  • Assisted Human Resource department in developing training modules, and include legal frame work in that for new employees
  • Assigned duties and responsibilities to auditors and staff members
  • Maintained record of all investigations and their outcome, for future reference
  • Coordinated with other department heads in developing systems and processes to ensure legitimate practices
  • Scrutinized terms and conditions and business policies of other parties for identifying legal loop holes
  • Assisted in developing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for other departments
  • Interpreted loss prevention legal policies for employees

Loss Prevention Supervisor (Legal Compliance) (August, 2005 - September, 2009)
Legal Advisor (Law Prevention and Loss Mitigation) (October, 2002 - August, 2005)
Foster Law Offices, 720 3rd Ave., Ste. 2010, Seattle, WA
Job Profile

To monitor daily operations for deterring illegal practices, and carry out auditing processes for identifying such activities and taking necessary preventive steps.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Carry out auditing processes for financial transactions and other operations in association with concerned auditors, and analyze results for identifying suspicious deals or actions
  • Assist security department in managing daily operations, and addressing security concerns
  • Investigate cases and take appropriate steps to begin legal proceedings against suspects
  • Scrutinize legal documents for legitimacy
  • Assist clients with relevant information
  • Handle all communications, with clients and inter department
  • Prepare appropriate reports for feedback and future reference
  • Interpret federal laws and government policies for business partners and employees
  • To update system with recent reports
  • Coordinate with different departments in sharing crucial information

Academic Qualifications

LLB (Bachelor of Law) (1999 - 2002)
Renton Law College, 3000 NE 4th St., Renton, WA

B.A (Bachelor of Arts) English (1996 - 1999)
Hillsdale College, 1420 5th Ave. Ste. 2200, Seattle, WA

Professional Skill-sets

  • Knowledge of general, corporate and criminal laws
  • Expertise at MS office
  • Negotiation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills: written and oral


Appropriate reference could me provided, on prior information.


I confirm that details shared above are true, and can be supported with legitimate documents, if required.

Signature: ####

Name: Mark M. PadillaDate: May 23, 2011Place: Seattle, WA

While customizing the above shared law prevention manager resume example for loss prevention specialist position, candidates may include additional information, under suitable titles, if they are supportive for job profile, to portray a promising candidature.

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