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Job Description:

Here is the job description for the post of subcontractor. Following information must help you to perform your job perfectly.

  • Developing current standard of customer service.
  • Performing specific aspects of a project.
  • Communicating with clients to solve their problems.
  • Effectively handling customer's maintenance problems.
  • Providing designs and development evaluation.

  • Assessing work reports and subcontract conditions for the proposal effort.
  • Overseeing selection of resources for each program.
  • Performing as a liaison between supplier and end-users.
  • Managing monthly accounting activities.
  • Directing the subcontract to make sure sufficient performance.
  • Creating and maintaining safety work environment in organization.
  • Working closely with contractors to improve effectiveness.
Above are the most important responsibilities for subcontractor position.


Followings are the skills for subcontractor post.

  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Strong team player.
  • Excellent leadership ability.
  • Good command over English language.
  • Excellent programming language skills: C, C++, Java, Java Swing, Python, Pascal, Turbo Pascal.
  • Exceptional knowledge of operating system such as Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS, Windows XP, Windows 2007, Windows ME, Windows XP.
  • Office packages knowledge Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Capable to understand responsibilities.
  • Good focus on information.
  • Extremely detail and future oriented.
  • Ability to design basic models.
  • Strong dedication to meet deadlines.
Objective Statements:

It is important to write effectual career objective, to get a best job opportunity. Here are some resume objective statements for your help.

  • To obtain a job position as Subcontractor in hardworking organizational environment where I can make use of my various administration skills and knowledge to perform my duties and responsibilities. I have a sufficient technical knowledge including office package, operating systems, programming language and professional software understanding which should help me to do my job.
  • Looking for the challenging and responsible job opportunity as Subcontractor. A job that allows me to learn more things related to this field and to apply my five years of experience. I would like to state that I have completed my bachelor's degree in science as well as certified course in programming language from ABC computer institute. Willing to use my qualification to meet up highest level of accomplishment for your organization.
  • To work for an emergent corporation as a subcontractor that be able to employ my customer services knowledge, technical skills, new abilities and 12 years of experience as a contractor to help out the corporation develop into a secure and industrial project.
  • Extremely qualifies and experience candidate seeking for the job opportunity of subcontractor. I have 6 years of work experience and useful technical knowledge. I have done master's degree in science from XYZ University; I would like to use my qualification area to develop company reputation in market place as well as profit level for your company.
  • In search of best job position as subcontractor where I can get chance to use my skills and abilities as a part of your organization. I would like to mention that I have completed certified course in computer programming which is the most strongest part of my qualification area and which should most useful for my career achievement.
Above mentioned resume objective should help you to prepare your own computer developmental engineer resumes, winning computer operator resume sample.