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Subcontractor (Programming) Resume

A subcontractor (programming) or SAS programming resume is written by trained professionals who have a good knowledge of various programming languages and can use these languages to write, upgrade, and modify programs as per the need. SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software, which is used by many large business organizations to predict business models and their success ratios in quantitative terms. These software are handled by programming experts who know their way around programming the languages. They design such custom made software for different companies depending upon the nature of their businesses.

A programming contractor needs to be certified by SAS Institute Inc., as many companies only prefer such individuals with this specific certification. This certificate is a proof of the applicant's ability to manage and operate such software in the industry. The resume sample provided below is not just limited to such SAS programmers; other software programmers too can use it to apply for various related positions in the industry.

The main responsibilities of such professionals are to check the software for any bugs and correct the codes to debug them, testing them for system compatibility, conducting time-to-time updating, etc.

While writing a subcontractor (programming) resume, the following points are to be taken into account:

Write with a clear aim - You aim is to get the job by writing this resume. For this, first, you have to make sure that the reader is impressed after reading it. This is possible if you make your resume information rich and that too, with only relevant information. In this case, you could add your key programming skills and most impressive work experience and mention about certain well-known people or companies for whom you have worked.

Be true and factual - It is important to state only those details that are authentic. Any fabrication is not favorable and is frowned upon when caught by the industry. Also, make your resume as factual as possible with numbers and other hard facts to state.

Proofread it - One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the resume should be completely error free. For this reason, proofread it at least twice before sending it to the recruiter.

Bullet points - Using bullet points, one can make simple and crisp statements. Also, with these, one can add to the clarity of the overall resume.

Here is a subcontractor (programming) resume sample for your reference.

Glen Ross
12 Randell St
Bellmore, NY 11710
(516) 787-8856

Career Objective:

To secure a job as a software programming contractor and utilize my skills of coding and developing software according to the clients' needs and assist in updating their platform applications for optimal results in the business.

Profile Summary:

  • Good experience of 5 years in the industry, developing various software for a diverse set of platforms in order to help the companies achieve their business targets
  • Worked for well-known clients such as XC Tech and SL Marketing Solutions
  • Received a letter of appreciation from LED Technologies' managing director
  • Specialized in IT related data analysis and representation

Key Skills:

  • Excellence in managerial skills with regards to the management of subordinates while developing software programs
  • Excellent in data analysis techniques used to understand the clients' needs and developing applications to meet those needs
  • Ability to be an excellent team player
  • Proficiency in executing projects within the allotted budget and time
  • Strong skills in the retrieving and synchronizing of data

Work Experience:

XC Tech, New York
Programming Contractor

  • Understanding the clients' needs and based on the expected functions, designing and coding the applications
  • Retrieving and synchronizing the existing data with the new applications
  • Testing the software for any bugs and debugging them accordingly

SL Marketing Solutions, Utah
Software Developer

  • Created development plans for the applications based on the clients' briefs and worked out details regarding budget, scope of program, aim of program, and features to be included
  • Worked with a team of five programmers
  • Worked on developing plug-ins and recommended updates

Educational Qualifications:

  • SAS Certification Course from SAS Institute Inc., 2009
  • Graduation in Computer Science from University of California, 2008


(Fill this section with relevant details of your professional achievements.)

This is how you write an effective and well structured subcontractor (programming) resume. Review the illustration supplied above to help yourself in amplifying the quality of your resume.

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