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Computer Operator Resume

A computer operator resume is written by a person who is applying for the job of handling all the computer operations in a company. These operations vary from company to company, depending upon the company needs and areas of operation. Irrespective of the company size, the common set of responsibilities of a computer operator includes ensuring that all the computer processes are running normally and all the systems are updated and upgraded regularly to suit the requirements of the company.

Objective Statement - Write an impressive statement about what you intend to do for the company in order to help it to increase its productivity. Your objective statement should always be in line with the company's objectives. Only then will a company decide to consider you.

Profile Summary - Your USP is what which will get you a job anywhere, as it makes the recruiter select your profile from a pile of hundreds of other profiles. So, this part is to be written with due consideration.

Skills Summary - Make a list of all the relevant and important skills that you possess and which could be used to deliver efficiently in your new work. Do not overpopulate the list with too many skills; use bullet points.

Professional Experience - This is presented in a reverse chronological manner, where you start with the company name and designation held at your last job and going back to your earlier jobs. Mention the responsibilities handled by you at each company in bullet points.

Educational Background - In the same reverse chronological order, write about your educational qualifications.

Achievements - Mention here your professional achievements that you think will impress the recruiter.

Following is a computer operator resume sample.

John Hanks
12, Javier Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 712

Objective Statement:

Seeking the position of computer operator in a sophisticated company, where I could take up a challenging job - the one that would bring more challenges and hard work my way in order to hone my skills and abilities even further.


Computer Operator,
Marlin IT Company, Orlando, FL

  • Sometimes, worked as the head of the IT department, handling four employees working as direct subordinates
  • Ensured that the LAN is working properly in order to maintain a smooth flow of work on all working days
  • Serviced and maintained the computer software, ensuring that they are up to date and licensed properly
  • Handled the coding and decoding of problematic bugs, removing them, and ensuring smooth running of all the programs
  • Ensuring that proper backup procedures are followed before every format session in the quarterly maintenance shift

Assistant Computer Operator,
Blue Chip Machines, Orlando, FL

  • Assisting the senior staff in computer maintenance and regular virus scans
  • Taking care of the online traffic and bandwidth allocation
  • Setting up firewalls and handling the security administrative work
  • Keeping the IT suppliers in loop and getting suitable deals for all the office IT hardware and software


Institute of IT Systems, FL
Diploma in Systems Management
(2009 - 2010)

University of Florida, Florida, FL
Bachelor of IT Administration
(2006 - 2009)


  • 'Best Employee in IT Staff' award in 2013 at Marlin IT Company
  • Learned the debugging process while on the job and troubleshot many bugs successfully


Available on request

This is how, step-by-step, an ideal resume is constructed. The essential elements that make up a good resume are relevant job experience, education, skills, and a strong objective statement. The combined task of all these details is to impress the reader in your favor. Special attention should be given to the objective statement, as it is the first point in any resume, which will decide how the reader perceives your following resume body.

Having impressive names in your previous employers' list under the work experience section will only work in your favor. The more work experience you have the higher pay package you will get in your next job. However, otherwise, if you don't have a lot of names to boast about, you should always try and state your responsibilities under the work experience section in a neat, crisp, and importance-exuding tone with the help of some industry standard technical terms, so that the reader gets the idea of your importance and level of knowledge about the field.

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