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Marine Engineer Careers

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Work Environment:

As a marine engineers, your job would consist of scheming, constructing, testing and repairing ships, submarine crafts (distantly functioned automobiles - ROVs), boats, drilling machinery and seaward platform.

For functioning as a marine engineer, you necessitate an in depth technical understanding of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering-scheme, and naval structure. Based on the business you function in, your tasks could contain:

  • Royal/Merchant Navy: - ensuring that tools, systems and engines operate effectively and securely (within the Royal-Navy you can specialize into weapons or submarines systems, surface-shipping)
  • Seaward oiland gas: - scheming, constructing and managing seaward machinery, platforms, channels, pipelines and rigs

  • naval surveying: - inspecting seaward equipments, boats and ships, observing their navigable, safety, repairs and maintenance requirements
  • ship-construction, boat construction and maintenance: - functioning on the plan, formation, construction, maintenance and repairs of machines, ships and boats
You'd generally be accountable for administrating a group of craftspeople and marine technicians.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

Generally, you necessitate a degree with engineering topic, or HND/HNC by BTEC to enter into this profession. Applicable subjects consist of:

  • general-engineering
  • marine-technology
  • marine-engineering
  • naval structural design
Check the website of 'IMarEST: Institution of Marine-Engineering Science and Technology' for further details about related training courses.

Then again, you can prepare as an engineering officer within the Royal-Navy or Merchant-Navy. Once you accomplished your service, you can enter upon the commercial marine-engineering business.

Check the website of 'IMarEST' and 'British Marine-Federation', for additional details regarding marine-engineering as a profession. You can get more details about engineering professions with the websites of 'Engineering Training-Council (Northern Ireland)', SEMTA, and 'Engineering and Construction'.

Training Details:

You'd normally get training by your company/employer. By a degree, you might be provided a seat on a graduate traineeship program. Openings are generally published by the regional and nationwide newspapers and media.

You'd be anticipated to constantly upgrade your abilities and knowledge all through your profession. You can support your career scenario by functioning to acquire chartered or incorporated position. To accomplish this, you must enroll with your associated business organization, such as IMarEST, and then appeal to the Engineering-Council.

Being an incorporated engineer, you'd specialize into daily administration of engineering transactions. By chartered stage, you'd have a further strategic function, scheming, studying and introducing new plans, and reorganizing managerial techniques.

The IMarEST provides a scheme of CPD: Continuing Professional-Development for its associates. Visit the website of IMarEST, to get additional information.

Skills and knowledge:

  • the capability to administer a group
  • a readiness to voyage and operate offshore for long time
  • financial-plan management abilities
  • a consciousness towards safety and health measures
  • CAD/CAM (Computer Aided-Design and Manufacturing) proficiency
  • a dedication to be updated with latest developments
  • outstanding negotiating and communication abilities
  • the capability to prearrange assigned work efficiently
  • superb IT and numerical abilities
  • an admirable technical understanding
  • excellent abilities to solve problems
You might require diving proficiency if your work engage underwater task.

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Trainees marine engineer can receive up to £22,000 annually.
  • Annual income of experienced marine engineers can range from £29,000 to £52,000.

Working Conditions:

You'd be anticipated to operate for adaptable hours, which might consist of weekends and shifts.

You'd be working on coastal side, if you're working into ship building or design. You might have to stay away from house for extended time, while functioning on submarines, offshore systems, or ships. Out-of-doors job could at times be physically challenging.

Different Opportunities:

You'll discover work chances within seaward oil and gas systems, Royal-Navy, shipping organizations, Merchant-Navy, and boat-construction, ship-construction and maintenance yards.

By experience, you can specialize into consultancy, project-management or research and development. There are furthermore openings abroad for qualified marine engineer.

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