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BMW Mechanical Engineer Resume

Mechanical Engineers, Automobile Engineers, etc., dream of working with some of the best engineering companies. Boeing, BMW, Harley Davidson, etc., are some of the biggest names that come to one's mind while thinking of some dream companies. A Mechanical Engineer working with BMW is expected to possess skills and expertise that stand at par with the standard and requirements of BMW. The responsibilities of an engineer will be the same, as in any other organization, the only difference being specialization and standards of work. Other organizations might accept an 8/10 or 9/10, but when it comes to brand names like BMW, they just don't accept anything other than perfect. Thus, when one wishes to apply for a job at such brand names, he/she must make sure that his/her resume puts forth his/her skills and potential in a way that the employer/recruiter could actually interpret the same. To help you draft a resume that stands at par with the requirements of an organization like BMW, and to understand the expectations of these organizations, we have provided a sample BMW mechanical engineer resume herewith.

A BMW Mechanical Engineer is an engineer, who works with BMW, and is responsible for performing duties like maintenance of machinery in the plant, buying new machinery, working on design, testing and development requirements, etc. They usually work on engineering of luxury cars, hydraulic systems, etc.

Sample BMW Mechanical Engineer Resume

Mike .S. Cyrus
1102 Downtown Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32201
Ph: 608-123-1001

Career Objective:

Highly skilled, efficient, and passionate for learning new concepts, ideas, techniques, etc., I aim to reach the heights in my career with proven expertise. Working with BMW is one of my achieved aims, and proving my excellence at every step is my long term career goal.

Career Summary:

Currently working with BMW at the position of Mechanical Engineer. Possess a total work experience of 5 years, and am responsible for designing and maintenance functions of the plant. I am capable of handling the manufacturing plant, overseeing the production and maintenance of the plant independently.

Summary of Skills:

  • Well acquainted with the design, engineering, and methodologies of automobile manufacturing
  • Thorough with the hydraulic systems, testing procedures, etc.
  • Well-acquainted with the maintenance requirements of machinery used in automobile manufacturing
  • Thorough with maintaining a record of inventory
  • Good at troubleshooting, analyzing the problem using analytical skills, developing new insights, trying to innovate, etc.
  • Good managerial skills

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - BMW, Boston
Designation: Mechanical Engineer
(2008- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Sr. Engineer
  • Responsible for devising a schedule of preventive maintenance of machinery
  • Checking the hydraulic and power press systems, and working towards making changes in the same as per the production requirement
  • Work on the computerized programs installed on the machines before the production commences
  • Responsible for studying the specifications and features of the machinery to be purchased
  • Help in purchasing right equipment and machinery
  • Work on designing various dies and molds to be used on the machines for production
  • Responsible for corrective and preventive maintenance

Previous Employers:

HD Automobiles, Florida
Designation: Mechanical Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Sr. Engineer
  • Design machinery, machine spares, dies, molds, etc.
  • Purchase of machinery and spares
  • Responsible for maintenance and lubrication of machinery and equipment from time to time
  • Responsible for suggesting/improving production techniques
  • Make use of industrial engineering to solve many engineering related issues pertaining to production and quality
  • Responsible for assuring safety of workers working on the machines
  • Make sure that all the machinery purchased or engineering procedures used, pertain to the safety and industrial regulations


  • MS in Mechanical Engineering (M.E), University of Jacksonville - 2006
  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering (B.ME), University of Jacksonville - 2004

Additional Courses:

  • Distance Learning Diploma Course in Project Management - 2005
  • Distance Learning Diploma Course in Industrial Safety and Regulations - 2005


Looking for suitable opportunities in Florida, Virginia and New York


Available on request

Mike .S. Cyrus

The sample BMW mechanical engineer resume presented above clearly explains the format of a professional resume. It helps us understand the manner in which a candidate can explain his/her expertise, potential, and skills to convince the employer that none other than him/her can best fit in the job role. The resume given above is drafted systematically, with proper attention given to each section of details needed by the employer, and presenting the same with ease. The employer can easily get the information that he wants, and skip the one he does not. Thus, make sure that your resume helps you putting forth your potential to the best, and creating the right impression on the employer.

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