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Automotive Design Engineer Resume

Every now and then we get to see new and innovative designs of cars, bikes, etc. Not only new designs but certain alterations in existing models pertaining to engine parts, body of the vehicle, etc., also makes a huge difference to the functioning and appearance of the automobiles. Thus, the automobile design engineering is an altogether different and crucial phase of automobile manufacturing. The engineers working on the same are known as Automobile Design Engineers. The job title is self-explanatory. These engineers work mainly on designing automobile and different parts of the same, to bring in innovation, enhance improvement of current design, etc. Design Engineers can work with different departments like marketing, research, engineering, etc., and plan and design automobile parts and models, as per the requirements put forth by every department. These engineers not only need to work in coordination with different departments but should possess skills to conceptualize and innovate new competitive designs in the market. To understand more on the same, read the sample automotive design engineer resume given below.

Sample Automotive Design Engineer Resume

Pearl .S. White
1102 Cherry Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32102
Ph: 408-834-1010

Career Objective:

Highly enthusiastic, keen to innovate, and always willing to accept new challenges pertaining to design engineering and product improvisation, and am looking for suitable opportunities in the same. Willing to be a part of a work environment wherein innovation, technology, and environment engineering is blended well to make new designs or products.

Career Summary:

Have worked in design engineering for almost 5 years, and possess thorough expertise in designing different parts of an automobile, new models or designs of vehicles, etc. Worked on new engineering techniques that can be infused in the vehicle to make it more powerful, increase the mileage of the same, etc.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough understanding of the requirements of automobile industry
  • Well-acquainted with the safety and environment regulations pertaining to automobile design engineering
  • Well-acquainted with the design engineering tools, software, etc.
  • Thorough with the mechanics of automobile that help in improved functioning of the same
  • Thorough with the patenting and licensing procedures of designing
  • Good presentation, coordination, and communication skills
  • Skilled in using AutoCAD, PRO-E, and creating simulated models of the conceptualized designs

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - GEO Automotive Manufacturers, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Sr. Design Engineer
(2008-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chief Engineer
  • Responsible for designing new designs/models of bikes
  • Responsible for understanding the specifications put forth in terms of mileage, speed, features, etc., and conceptualize a design based on the same
  • Work with a team of engineers and troubleshoot issues, give and take suggestions, experiment with designs etc., are a part of my job
  • Use CAD to materialize the concepts pertaining to design of automobiles and automobile parts
  • Present the designs to the seniors, and work on it until the design is approved
  • On approval of design coordinate with the manufacturing head, explain the structuring of the design, dies needed for the same, etc.
  • On getting all final approvals coordinate in getting patents, environment regulations clearance, etc.
  • Continuous product and design development to bring in innovation and improvisation

Previous Employers:

PERX Automobiles, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Associate Design Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Sr. Design Engineer in conceptualizing and designing
  • Assist in integrating and designing new parts, incorporating new software or techniques in automobiles, etc
  • Prepare for modeling and simulation of design
  • Assist in design development procedures, calculations, methodologies, etc.
  • Assist in simulating designs using CAD
  • Assist in making presentations to explain the concept and design to the seniors
  • Study the requirements and specifications put forth by the client or manufacturing heads
  • Check the safety and environment regulations that would interfere with the design or innovations in the design
  • Accompany the seniors in the presentation, and understand the issues pertaining to the same


  • Bachelors of Automobile Engineering - 2005


Looking for suitable opportunities in Jacksonville, Bristol, and Alexandria


Available on request

Pearl .S. White

The sample automotive design engineer resume given above helps us understand the role and responsibilities associated with the said position. The responsibilities make it clear that this engineer is thoroughly responsible for designing automobile and automobile parts and coming up with new innovations in the same. They work in coordination with different departments to understand the requirements pertaining to automobile engineering and design, and help in creating designs that match the expectations put forth by the departments. Use the above given sample resume to draft your resume, and work towards getting your dream job.

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