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Automotive Engineer Resume

Automobiles are a part of our routine, and we use many automobiles for commutation of men and material. Right from two-wheelers to airplanes in the sky, these automotive are a part of our life. Many things, efforts, and engineering go into the production of the same. The Automobile or Automotive Engineer is responsible for the same. Automotive engineering as a whole includes mechanical, electrical, safety, and software engineering. Thus, these engineers can specialize in different areas/phases of automobile production, i.e.

  1. Product/Design Engineering Work on design or new product development, for example, new car, bike, etc., or an improved version of an existing model, etc.

  2. Manufacturing Engineering Engineering that determines the processes of development, machinery used in the same, dies and mold, etc.

  3. Development Engineering Adding new features, improved features to the automobile, for example, installing GPRS system in vehicles, computer operated vehicles, etc.

In large organizations, an Automotive Engineer, would be responsible either for design, manufacturing or testing, whereas in smaller organizations, he/she will have to work in each of the phases of product development. To understand the job profile further, read the sample automotive engineer resume given below. It will help understand the job role of an automobile engineer, and the effective way of drafting a resume for the same.

Automotive Engineer Resume Sample

Jimmie. K. Salter
3339 Boundary Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Ph: 320-967-3235

With considerable experience, expertise, and dedication at work, I wish to be a part of an organization, wherein I get to work in product development along with manufacturing and testing engineering.


Currently employed as an Automotive Engineer, wherein my job role and responsibilities include manufacturing and testing engineering. Have assisted in design engineering in certain stages, and wish to contribute towards the same.

  • Updated with latest technologies in production engineering
  • Good analytical and intuitive skills
  • Good team coordination skills
  • Good at product testing, troubleshooting, and drawing conclusions
  • Expertise in developing new designs and engineering techniques
  • Expertise in incorporating software systems with automobile engineering for better and developed outputs

Current Employer - Caper International Ltd. (2011- till date)
Designation: Automotive Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Plant Head
  • Oversee the production processes
  • Assist in developing manufacturing techniques, work on manufacturing engineering, and monitoring the same
  • Responsible for product and process testing
  • Work towards enhancing the production techniques
  • Assist in design and product development engineering
  • Oversee the safety measures adopted in the plant
  • Make daily reports pertaining to production and quality assurance and submit the same to the Plant Head Previous Employers:

A] Arius International Ltd. (2008-2010)
Designation: Jr. Automotive Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Follow the instructions of the Sr. Engineer
  • Work on production and testing of the manufactured output
  • Oversee the maintenance of machines and equipment
  • Learn product design engineering and testing engineering

MS in Automobile Engineering, University of Berkshire - 2008
Bachelors of Automobile Engineering, University of Berkshire - 2006


Participated and won 'Auto Engineering Expo' consecutively for three years from 2005-2008


Looking for suitable opportunities in Portsmouth, Alexandria,and Bristol only


Provided on request


Jimmie .K. Salter

The sample automotive engineer resume given above, helps us understand the role, responsibilities, etc., associated with the same. The introduction about the job profile helps us understand the various specializations an Automotive Engineer can opt for, various departments he can work in, and various responsibilities associated with the same. The resume sample also gives a professional resume format, which can be altered, and used as a resume template to draft one's resume. However, one should make sure that his/her resume is unique and represents one in the best possible manner. To make your resume effective avoid copying a resume template as it is, and try to add your innovativeness to it by adding or excluding certain sections. One can also attach certain testimonials, designs, etc., that can justify one's capabilities and skills further. Jot down your strengths, capabilities, skills, responsibilities carried out in current and previous organizations, and present the same as effectively as possible to make your resume more effective.
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