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Pointers to an Exceptional Resume

The barometer of a good resume depends on how result oriented it is and whether it achieves the purpose for which it was written. The ideal resume can entice the recruiters in such a manner that they feel compelled to call the candidate for an interview. That is the ultimate goal of every resume - paving the way for the interview call. In order to realize that goal, you need to craft a resume that is exceptional in every sense of the word, one that creates the image of the perfect candidate who fits in best with the vision of the organization.

Framing such an outstanding resume seems a really uphill task. However you would see that it's not so difficult once you get the proper guidance and the correct tips about how to make your resume truly exceptional. There are subtle but significant differences between an average and a superior resume and catching these finer nuances and weaving them into your resume would surely catapult your resume into the category of great, irresistible resumes and turn it into a winning one.

Traits of an exceptional resume

  • An eye catching objective and summary: These are what your resume begins with so they should be able to pack in all the punch and the impetus that pushes the employers to read on. In a crisply worded phrase or two which comprise of the objective, you should be able to introduce yourself, the designation you seek and how your expertise matches perfectly with the needs of the company. The most important point worth mentioning is to avoid the use of 'I', 'we' and 'our' anywhere in the resume. The summary is a short summing up of your skills, experience and accomplishments and could be in the form of short sentences or 2-3 bullet points. Use a business like tone and be concise in your writing style.
  • Use the right keywords: One of the many flip sides of the immense competition that exists today is that the initial scanning of resumes is done by automated software which is programmed to look for specific keywords that match the job profile. You need to make sure that these keywords figure in your resume. The best way to go about this is to look up job advertisements in newspapers and on the net which also describe the skills and other requisites needed. These are the keywords that you must cleverly incorporate within your resume.
  • Market your skills and expertise: You should guard against making your resume look like a bland list of your work history and responsibilities held. It should instead make a powerful statement about your unique talents and solid expertise that have been honed and refined by your previous experience. The skills you project must be relevant to what the employers are looking for and should therefore match perfectly with the job profile and the goals of the organization. Your resume should be able to give the impression to your prospective employer that there is no better candidate for the post than you.
  • Backing your skills by furnishing evidence: While you must highlight your strengths and talents, it is equally important to be able to prove it. The best way to do this is to give a measurable evidence of your successes. Mention figures, percentages or awards that clearly point towards your potential and show that you actually possess the expertise that you claim to. Giving evidence of your accomplishments also indicates that if hired, your performance would enhance the profitability of the company.

These pointers would certainly guide you to frame superior resumes that would be bang on target. The articles that follow elaborate on how to take that first step towards drafting your resume, about how to write a smart and effective objective and also about how to choose the correct type of resume that suits your needs. Read on to clear all your doubts and come up with a resume that is truly one in a million.

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