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Writing a Great Resume

First Step to Great Resume

It is said that all great tasks are half achieved with just the first step. The same holds true for resume writing as well. A first step taken in the right direction bodes well for final goal. So if you have to carve a powerful resume for yourself and are contemplating about how to take that first step, our article will equip you with all the know how that you need to begin on the right note.

The right strategy

Think resumes and most people believe that it is all about projecting themselves and highlighting their skills and knowledge. While this holds true to a certain extent, it is instead far more important to focus on your employers' expectations and the demands of the industry. This is what you should keep in mind before actually beginning to work on your resume. Aim to design your resume to match the job requisites rather than making it a commentary about yourself.

Matching the job requisites

You will need to put on your thinking cap and identify the challenges faced in the field that you belong to and also zero in on some successful people and pick out the qualities that set them apart. You could do a bit of reading on the industry that you belong to and familiarize yourself further with its upswings and downswings so that you would know exactly what makes it tick and what doesn't.

It would also be a good idea to do a bit of research about the company you aspire to join and find out more about their work culture, their values and goals and also get an estimate of their market standing. You could refer to the company website and websites of other companies belonging to the same industry or try and discuss with people from the same background to find out about the latest trends of the industry. Another useful strategy is to read through relevant job advertisements in the newspaper or on the net to search for the appropriate keywords which you can skillfully weave into your resume.

All this spadework will form the base of your resume as you will now know exactly what the trump cards that your employers seek in the candidates are. It will help you to build a resume that is perfectly in tune not only with the needs of the employers but also with the demands of the industry. You would be able to successfully link your skills and expertise to the requisites of the post you are applying for.

Striking the correct note

Now that you are aware of the employers' expectations and the demands of the industry, you have to emphasize on how you can help fulfill the goals of the organization. You need to express your talents in a manner that they are in tune with all the ingredients that spell success in that industry. You should come across as an irreplaceable candidate whose services would prove to be a great asset to the company.

To be able to project this impression, you could try to answer a question that is always a favorite at every interview, "Tell us why we should hire you". The answer to this question holds the key to a successful resume.

Zeroing in on you

Now is the time to focus on yourself and bring out what you can offer and highlight the qualities that make you a rare and special candidate. You could do this by thinking about your career till date, about the progress you made and the successes you achieved, in short, how you have gained in value and expertise. Next you could look for some recurring positive traits that have characterized every stage of your employment history, some reputation that has stayed with you all these years. It could be that of a good leader, a great problem solver or that of being strong in interpersonal relations. You could also go through old reference letters or performance reviews which would also stress on some of your special qualities. It is these traits that can be cleverly woven into your resume to make it look appealing and unique.

Resume writing may sound like a long winding process but a well researched resume has the correct direction, purpose and goal. Such a resume is sure to bring out your finest qualities and make you appear indispensable to your prospective employers.

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