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Job Description:

Guard is responsible to provide complete protection to life and real property in working area.

  • Guarding and supervising foundations to avoid violence, robbery, or breaking of regulations.
  • Patrolling tasks at diverse sites of grounds and building.
  • Inspecting and verifying main door or gates, windows and patches are protected.
  • Operating and maintaining various machineries and equipment.
  • Working with trained dogs.
  • Monitoring CCTV.

  • Permitting only visitors who are allowed to go in the building.
  • Ensuring enforcement of rules and regulations of security.
  • Answering alarms or emergency phone calls.
  • Preparing daily reports of activities and misdeeds.
  • Conducting hourly duty round to ensure safety of building.
  • Maintaining and updating registration of all visitors to site or building.
  • Establishing control on traffic area and parking site.
  • Taking required action in emergency situation.
Above are the most important tasks of the guard.


Here are the main abilities for the post of guard in field of security.

  • A strong team player.
  • Ability to work extra hours as required.
  • Extremely customer service oriented.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Proven flexibility to work with other team members.
  • Experienced in field of security.
  • Exceptional skills to operate various equipment.
  • In depth ability to protect life and property.
  • Possess good observation skills.
  • Extremely strong physical strength.
  • Basic computer and other technical knowledge.
  • Ability to effectively handle critical situation.
  • In depth knowledge of federal, state, and local traffic laws and regulations.
  • Capability to provide first aid service.
Objective Statements:

This information will help you in writing perfect resume objective statement.

  • To obtain a challenging job position in the field of security the use of supervisory and professional skills. I have extensive experience in this field which helps me to make useful contribution in order to protect life and property.
  • Highly enthusiastic, practical law enforcement expert with wide experience in leading and encouraging teams. Seeking permanent position as a Security Guard in environment where I can make my professional growth in field of security.
  • To provide an inclusive and attentive on site protection service to this excellent corporation in a firm yet customer focused approach. I would like to mention that I am a qualified candidate with completed associate degree in Criminal Justice.
  • A greatly capable and strong security guard with vast experience in providing security to life, equipment as well as real property, conveying information and direction service as required.
  • Looking for the responsible job position of Security Guard where my seven years of experience can be contribute to provide security as well as I get opportunity to improve my job skills and knowledge.
  • To convey my more than 5 years of experience in public law enforcement to supply security and work as a security expert for a growing business organization. I have in depth knowledge of security law, ability to provide complete protection and strong observational skills.

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