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Ombudsman Resume

This page includes sample ombudsman resume and information on drafting a professional and inciting ombudsman resume. The sample resume can be helpful in retrieving information on various details to be included in the resume, and appropriate sections for the same. An ombudsman resume is required by professionals who specialize in particular discipline, and act as mediator between two parties, either independently or representing one side. S/he may also be appointed by government for monitoring various policies or programs, and to ensure that prescribed protocols are being followed. Corporate may also hire or employ ombudsman for their services, if they require the same on frequent basis, as may be the case of legal services, evident from ombudsman resume example given below.

An ombudsman can specialize in various disciplines such as legal, banking, government policies, etc., and provide counseling or auditing services to the clients. Thus, if you are looking to apply for an ombudsman job position, you must first make sure that the profile suites your aptitude, and your qualifications are at par with the job requirements.

For detailed information on how to include various details under various sub titles in the resume, please refer to the ombudsman resume example given below.

Sample Ombudsman Resume
(For an experienced legal professional)

Thomas S. Sanchez

4754 Steele Street
Illinois - 60605
Tel: (630) 699 5843

Career Objective: Looking for challenging assignments in the field of legal administration, in the capacity of ombudsman, with reputed organizations, where I can explore skill-sets and knowledge in deliver the assigned job responsibilities satisfactorily.

Career Recital:

An adept law professional with more than 9 years of experience in ombudsman services and helping organization ensure strict compliance to statutory laws, with quick resolution to various legal litigations, related to civil suites and land acquisition, for continuous business expansion and growth.

Professional Profile:

Legal Documentation

Handled all legal documentation related work through out the tenure. Assisted in drafting terms and conditions for vendor agreements, labor contracts and real estate related documents. Acted as ombudsman for drafting agreements and framing the guidelines. Drafted documents required for filing criminal litigations in court and defending the company.

Labor Laws

While working as in house lawyer, handled cases related to labor disputes and compensation management. Assisted HR department in drafting labor policies and adhering to government labor laws. Represented company in courts and labor body meetings for developing workforce benefits program and policies.

Strategic planing and consultation services

Helped management in setting up the legal framework for business expansion, draft terms and conditions for mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Even helped in negotiating distribution and franchisee agreements with the vendors and third parties.

Work experience: Legal Ombudsman (and In house lawyer) (2003 - till date)
Alson technologies Pvt. Ltd.
, James St., Bensenville, IL
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Handled civil cases and litigations related to land acquisition for business expansion, recruitment outsourcing agreements, title ownership, and compensation lawsuits.
  • Appeared before court for representing cases before the judicial authorities and federal agencies.
  • Prepared legal notices and discussed with solicitors and attorneys for matters related to land disputes and labor litigations.
  • Drafted commercial contracts, partnership agreements, services and support agreements, lease and rent agreements, license and franchisee agreements, and other business documents.
  • Assisted HR department in drafting labor policies and interpreted government labor laws for effective implementation.
  • Mediated between the company and labor unions for settling disputes.
  • Analyzed cases and recommended for lockouts and labor strikes resolution.
  • Conducted research on local federal laws for expanding to new regional markets, and assisted management in preparing strategies.
  • Provided legal management and administration services to business partners and franchisees for abiding by parent company policies.
  • Maintained cordial relations with local authorities and legal administrators for smooth business operations.
  • Offered consultation and legal documentation services for external agencies as well.
  • Helped compensation manager in scrutinizing the cases, and in settlement of compensation claims by labors and external agencies.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Successfully dismissed consumer and vendor complaint regarding sales and service filed by third parties.
  • As an in house lawyer represented the company and won the case before the district court for land acquisition and relevant claims.
  • Successfully settled all outstanding and pending law suits in different courts through court process and out side court negotiation settlements.

Core Competencies:

  • In depth knowledge of Labor laws and civil laws
  • Legal documentation
  • Legal administrations
  • Ombudsman and liaison work
  • Consultation services
  • Negotiation and communication skills

Academic Qualifications:

MBA in HR (2001 - 2003)
(Specialization in compensation management and labor laws)
Strayer University, Highland Pkwy., Downers Grove, IL

BA-LLB (1997 - 2001)
WestWood College, Orleans St., Chicago, IL


Would be provided on prior request.

We hope that the above given ombudsman resume example meets your requirements, and is helpful in drafting a professional resume for applying for ombudsman job position.

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