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Correctional Officer/Peer Counselor Resume

Correctional officer resume or a peer counselor resume, is required by professionals who specialize in counseling the clients/customers, and help them improve on the area of concern. For criminals it can be returning to social life, for depressed patients it can be returning to normal life style, etc., whatever the role may be, the person is responsible for correcting and resolving the persons problems.

This kind of job profile requires enhanced listening skills along with communication skills and in-depth subject knowledge. The same should be highlighted through the correctional officer or peer counselor resume. Applicants can refer to the sample peer counselor resume as guide for drafting a professional and inciting resume for their correctional officer job application. It must be taken care that the job profile may differ from organization to organization, and so job description provided by the employers should be referred to, before beginning drafting the correctional officer resume.

The sample resume below is for a peer counselor, specializing in corrections and counseling. Applicants must make necessary changes so that the resume matches their professional profile. The ideal purpose of an effective resume is that it bridges the gap between the desired and actual profile, while simultaneously promoting the candidature.

Sample Correctional Officer Resume
(For a Peer Counselor)

Floyd C. Wood
3600 Jewell Road
Tennessee - 75404
Tel: (612) 597 7336

Career Objective:

In quest for challenging job profile with a reputed rehabilitation organization, where I can bring my skill-sets to effective use, and help patients/inmates recover to normal social life.

Professional Synopsis:

An adept counselor with 7 years of professional experience, specializing in peer counseling and correctional activities, I have worked with reputed rehab centers and prison houses, and have helped to counsel the inmates for returning to normal social life. My experience has been useful for HR department as well in counseling employees, peers and colleagues, to achieve efficient team coordination and team work for goal accomplishment.

Work experience:

Correctional Officer (at reformatory)
Advanced Rehabilitation Center, Taylor Ave., Ste. 205, Crossville, TN
(2010 - till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overseeing the activities of inmates for correctional behavior
  • Counseling the patients (prisoners) for issues related to social and personal life
  • Identifying and planning suitable vocational activities for patients to develop new and advanced skills
  • Helping inmates to learn social behavior etiquettes
  • Responsible for maintenance of security at the premises
  • Prepare necessary reports for tracking inmate behavior, and improvements observed
  • Recommend individuals for release from the center, and perform necessary checks
  • Held additional responsibility of ensuring sanitary conditions in the prison cells
  • Coordinate with other volunteers for successful accomplishment of the objectives
  • Study the case file of prisoners, and recommend individual for rehabilitation program
  • Assist Case Manager in developing training plans and rehabilitation programs
  • Coordinate with medical team for regular check up of patients admitted to rehabilitation program
  • Ensure that all activities are performed while adhering to instructions issued by the court and jail/prison authorities.

Peer Counselor (with federal police)
Tennessee Federal Police, Head Office, Railroad Ave., Shelbyville, TN
(2005 - 2010)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To counsel the officers for psychological strain relief
  • Administer behavior of police officers for depression or other related symptoms
  • Analyze and develop plans for employee behavior improvement
  • Maintain a log of officers under review, and improvements observed
  • Recommend officers fit for special duty, and promotions
  • Ensure that necessary facilities are available at the office, such as recreation, health related, sanitation, etc.
  • Study and analyze the work culture and the working conditions for suggesting areas of improvements
  • Research on various aspects of work environment such as additional benefits, social security, financial stability, etc., which may affect officers' performance
  • To assist HR department in developing welfare activities
  • Monitor the improvements shown by officers admitted to rehab programs, before declaring fit for duty
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure specified norms are followed
  • Visit officers on-field duty to review their work practices
  • Train police officers on various human rights for convicts

Academic Qualifications:

M.Sc. Psychology (Master of Science)
Huntington College Of Health and Science, 1204 Kenesaw Ave. Ste. D , Knoxville, TN
(2003 - 2005)

BA Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Arts)
Nashville Law College, 1556 Crestview Dr ., Madison, TN
(2000 - 2003)

Professional and Personal Skills:

  • In depth knowledge of human behavior and psychology
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • MS office expertise
  • Analytical skills
  • Strong physical built


Jennifer J. Easterwood
(Chief Warden)
Advanced Rehabilitation Center
Taylor Ave. Ste. 205
Tennessee - 75401
Tel: (612) 471 1028
More references could be made available on prior request.


I, hereby, acknowledge that all credentials shared above are true and correct, and can be supported with appropriate documented proofs, if required, failing which my candidature can be canceled.

Name: Floyd C. Wood
Signature: #### Date: April 04, 2012Place: Minneapolis, TN

We hope that the candidates find the information shared above, and the correctional officer or a peer counselor resume example helpful.

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