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Career guidance can help you in selecting a proper path and pursuing the right course. However, opting for an appropriate career can turn out to be an extremely intimidating as well as a daunting task. Especially, in today's fast and moving world, one should have a better understanding towards their preferences and priorities for their respective work profile. While you are confused in selecting a proper career then such career guides can help and assist you in selecting your appropriate profession or line of business. This can certainly satisfy and benefit you in making a proper decision regarding your correct career information.

Science and scientific research plays an important and outstanding role in the present world. The career guide can show the individual how to get into this field and elaborate on the job profile and the responsibilities and advantages it involves. There are several kinds of discoveries which are related to the medical and research field. In addition, new products are been produced and this is only possible due to the recent breakthrough in the domain of the research and science.

In the science and research field, all you have to do is to maintain a scientific inquiry or investigation regarding the particular field. You have to sustain a proper research on varied kinds of samples, conduct a thorough study on the subject. However, be it medical, scientific, biological or chemical research as well as any other kind of research or study, the individual's job is to make new discoveries as well as enhance the extent and width of human understanding.


Basically, in science and research field the individual can expect a salary of around $ 79000 - 85000 per annum. However, the researchers and scientists can look forward for various kinds of benefits and high wages as this is most enhancing and up ranking field in the present world. In addition, the total salary for this field basically depends on the rate of growth of economy. The average salaries of the individual can vary greatly.


The work techniques of researchers and scientists differ due to their laboratory procedures, specimen examination as well as due to the different experiments. The basic responsibilities of researchers are as follows:

  • Complete study regarding the experimenting samples
  • Assist in the lab study as well as in the field study
  • Collect varied kinds of samples for conducting experiments
  • Participate in different types of discussions for assessing the particular characteristics
  • Handling the experimenting matter and observing their natural habitats
  • Complete analysis of the specimen
  • Assist the junior scientists and researchers in the study and research
  • Prepare practical tips for conducting experiments


In all, the scientists and researchers are supposed to be well qualified as well as they should hold a PhD degree in their respective field. However, they have to hold a bachelor's degree in the respective field of study, although a master and doctoral degree can enhance their qualifications. Certain organizations hire specific as well as well qualified researchers and scientists. In addition, they should have a sound knowledge and understanding regarding their respective field and they should also be quite familiar with field experimenting techniques, data collection as well as in observational studies.


The individual working for science and research department should possess various kinds of skills and abilities. The basic skills are as follows:

  • Base knowledge regarding their studies and field
  • Efficient in experimenting on different types of specimens provided
  • Skillful in handling creative experiments
  • Flexible in handling different types of investigating procedures
  • Ability to express and present the discovered subjects both orally as well as in writing
  • Independent enough to carry out any kind of critical experimenting procedures


Specifically, in this field the major organizations hire those candidates who have good knowledge and considerable experience in their field. At least, they should have some kind of formal experience under certain researchers or scientists' supervision. An experienced researcher or scientist can work in various kinds of organizations, colleges, universities, federal agencies, etc.

Career Progression:

There are different kinds of available prospects or opportunities in this well recognized field. However, in various kinds of federal organizations and bigger research institutions the individuals have a better chance of support and promotion.

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