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Work Environment:

As an oceanographer you'd employ your knowledge of geology, biology, physics and chemistry to learn about the oceans and seas. The work can involve carrying out research for the outcomes of climate alteration, and analyzing the impact of offshore engineering and pollution on marine environment.

Being an oceanographer, you can do specialization into one from the given four fields:

  • marine physics: analyzing density and temperature of water, wave movement, currents and tides
  • marine chemistry: scrutinizing the seawater's chemical constitution and the behavior of contaminants

  • marine biology: analyzing marine animals and plants
  • marine geology: studying the composition and structure of the sea bottom

You'd utilize different methods to gather information, containing:

  • drills to investigate the acoustics and ocean bottom
  • equipments on drifting/moored buoys
  • satellites and remote-sensors
  • probes submerged in the ocean
  • submarines or towed equipments

Your tasks could differ based on the field you are specializing, though will generally consist of:

  • administering a project, while directing a group of technical support personnel
  • publicizing and presenting your discoveries
  • studying and producing reports
  • using computer software modelers to generate graphical models of your study

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To operate in oceanography you'll generally necessitate a first class honors degree into Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, and then a Masters into Oceanography. A few firms will also anticipate you to encompass, or be functioning to acquire a pertinent PhD.

You'll also necessitate IT proficiency and you may have a benefit if you have knowledge of foreign languages.

To obtain a related degree based on science you'll normally require:

  • 5 or additional GCSE grades (A-C) with Mathematics, English and 3 science-subjects
  • 2 or 3 A-levels, with Physics, Mathematics and another science or computing subject
Confirm with providers of course for precise admission criteria as other qualifications may also be allowed.

Several degree training courses into this field consist of fieldwork and acquire about 4 years to finish. You can attempt to organize this yourself by a marine lab, if course doesn't contain work-experience.

At level of postgraduate, there are PhD schemes, Research-Degrees and Masters. The SUT: Society for Underwater-Technology has particulars of courses and potential backing alternatives.

Training Details:

You'll usually get practical training at work by your company, which will generally be merged with self administered study, conferences, short training courses and seminars.

To assist you stay updated, the SUT has particulars of courses with a Continuing Professional-Development scheme provided by the Marine Technology-Education Consortium.

Getting benefit of networking chances by societies like the 'Challenger Society for Marine-Science' and the SUT might assist you improve your abilities and also boost your career perspective and contacts within the industry.

Skills and knowledge:

  • outstanding written and oral communication abilities
  • fine standard of physical health and fitness for research-work
  • the aptitude to work by yourself and as a member of a group
  • excellent observational skills
  • an adaptable manner to work
  • practical-skills
  • excellent scientific and mathematical proficiency
  • accurateness and concentration towards particulars
  • fine problem-solving abilities

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for oceanographers can range from $18,000 to $23,000 annually.
  • By experience the earnings can boost to about $39,000 to $45,000.
  • And lecturers can receive about $56,000.

Working Conditions:

Your working hours can differ as per the project. You could employ time within an office or laboratory and also some days or months at ocean. While doing research, you could be operating from a ship or a seaward platform into a remote site. Circumstances might be dangerous and physically challenging.

This job often comprises utilizing submarines or diving-equipment. You're necessitated to be ready to voyage and stay away from house for some period.

Different Opportunities:

Most of the oceanography jobs within the UK is produced and supported by the NERC: Natural Environment-Research Council (NERC). You'll discover jobs with associations like the Tyndall center for Climate-Change Research, the National-Oceanography center and the Sea-Mammal Research Institution.

You might also discover jobs with the government, e.g. by the DEFRA: 'Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs', and within industries concerned into oil and gas-extraction, coastal and offshore construction and naval instrumentation. You can proceed to work in the field of research and teaching with universities and different research organizations all through the world that specialize into features of oceanography.

To get promotion, you'll necessitate experience of about 1 to 5 years. Temporary agreements are general within this field of work.


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