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Work Environment:

Being a research scientist, you'd scheming and performing analysis and experiments to enhance scientific knowledge within different fields, such as:

  • research and development into the textiles business
  • physical-sciences: Geosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Material Science
  • earth sciences: Oceanography, Geology, and Meteorology

  • industrial-science
  • life-sciences: plant sciences, physiology, microbiology and pharmacology
  • medicinal research
The precise environment of your job would differ very much on your specialization, although could consist of:
  • teaching or coaching
  • examining objects or products
  • executing fieldwork by gathering samples and observing environmental aspects
  • preparing research schemes and appealing for financial backing
  • producing new artifacts or methods of employing new findings
  • scheming new techniques, which will develop current products
  • arranging and executing experiments
  • scrutinizing data and outcomes
  • maintaining precise reports of outcomes
  • demonstrating discoveries by scientific conferences, journals, or books
  • staying updated with latest research and developments within your field-area
You'd generally work within a group of support-staff, scientists and technicians.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You'd necessitate an honors degree with a science subject associated to your interested field. Several companies will also want you to encompass an MSc degree or be functioning to get a PhD.

To obtain a degree course you'll normally require 5 GCSE grades (A-C) with science subjects, Mathematics and English, and as a minimum 2 levels of A. Confirm with providers of course for accurate admission criteria as other qualifications might also be accepted. Visit the website of UCAS for further details regarding universities and colleges providing degrees and BTEC: HNDs.

To advance further in your profession you'll require a qualification at postgraduate level, generally a PhD. For additional information on courses at postgraduate level, see the website of Hobsons-Postgraduate.

You may possibly begin at level of technician as a research assistant and work while studying PhD on part time basis. At times industrial firms and research-councils work jointly to provide studentships as joint PhDs. Check the website of research council for particulars of these.

Training Details:

All through your vocation you'll require to maintain yourself updated with research and developments within your field, and alterations in health and safety, legal provisions. It can be done by getting practical-training while studying scientific-journals, and attending conferences and seminars.

You can also improve your abilities and knowledge by:

  • acquiring qualifications at postgraduate level
  • taking examinations for fellowship or member-ship of the associated professional organization
  • participating in CPD: Continuing Professional-Development schemes provided by expert organizations
Many professional organizations have been accredited by the Science-Council to provide status of CSci: Chartered-Scientist to scientists who satisfy the necessary criterion. Check the website of Science-Council for information and a list of accredited bodies.

Skills and knowledge:

  • the capability to demonstrate your work and generate reports
  • written and oral communication abilities
  • IT-skills
  • a systematic and analytical manner
  • an investigative mind-set
  • correctness and concentration towards particulars
  • abilities to solve problems efficiently
  • the capability to operate in a group
  • mathematical, scientific and technical proficiency
  • perseverance and endurance

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Annual income of research scientists including a PhD qualification can be about $27,000 to $37,000.
  • And professors can receive $52,000-$72,000 or above.
Generally, salary is high within bigger firms and private section.

Working Conditions:

Environment and hours of working rely on your research field. Normally, you'd work within a lab, although might also have to do field-work in a few job roles.

You might have to deal with dangerous or poisonous substances in this kind of work. Products obtained by animals or dealing with animals can also be segment of some sorts of research.

You might have to voyage countrywide or worldwide, e.g. to execute fieldwork or attend seminars and conferences.

Different Opportunities:

You can work within various businesses and associations, comprising energy, pharmaceuticals, consumer and food products, defense, the NHS, charitable or voluntary organizations like Cancer-Research UK, or universities.

Being a research scientist and as working with institutions or research councils or within business, you can advance to a lab management or superior research post once you're observed to be putting a substantial individual input to the research work.

In an academic-job position, while you've achieved experience and publicize your innovative research work you can advance to superior research professor or associate, directing your own research-group.


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