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Medicine and Nursing are known to be among the largest growth assuring industries with infinite sub-sectors to choose from. Although they are interrelated to each other, professionals in medicine and nursing have a vast difference in terms of the nature of work as well as their roles and responsibilities. Health careers in general, involve being around patients and offering them the prescribed treatment and care. Hence, one needs to develop, not only passion towards their profession, but also compassion for their patients.

If you are looking for a career in medicine or nursing, be prepared to cope with extra working hours, and taking major responsibilities, especially during medical emergencies. And be aware that you will encounter such emergencies quite often at your workplace and hence, you need to be prepared in order to accept any challenge anytime during your work schedule.


Choosing a career in medicine definitely guarantees you growth, constantly keeping you exposed to incoming knowledge by means of experience. We know that studying medicine is expensive and one needs to spend considerable amount of time in studying because in this field of study, knowledge stretches to infinity. Unlike nursing careers, working in medicine does not specifically involve being around patients all the time, although you may be required to interact with them seldom or often depending upon the nature of your job. For example, a pathologist or may be a medical lab technician does not communicate with patients whereas you definitely are required to be with patients if you are a physician or a radiologist.

You may choose to study one of the two distinct medical practices - allopathic or osteopathic. Both studies will help you gain expertise within the respective fields. Studying allopathic medicine will get you a 'Medical Doctor' certification, while pursuing your studies in osteopathic medicine will make you a 'Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine'. Remember, you must take the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT to be eligible for admission in any medical school. If you feel you cannot afford such a course, you can check if you are eligible for a scholarship. There are many organizations committed to funding individuals for medical education.


There is this false perception that career growth in nursing is not as high as it is in medicine. Careers in nursing are equally rewarding when compared to careers in medicine for there are plenty of opportunities to be explored and utilized in nursing. Medical institutions play a major part in advancement of nursing as a profession by providing ample opportunities for learning through coaching, mentoring, on the job training, internships and through the Clinical Advancement Recognition Program. Registered Nursing has been listed amongst the top ten occupations offering high professional growth by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for nursing is a field with endless growth possibilities.

Your job as a nurse would be to provide non-mechanical personalized care to people with illnesses or disorders. You are expected to promote health while demonstrating your knowledge combined with compassion for patients. People look at doctors and nurses with a sense of hope and you must not forget that your job as a nurse is to ensure to live up to their faith in you. Nurses are required to constantly interact with patients and offer unconditional health-care due to which they must be free from illnesses.

Nurses are certainly valued and cared for worldwide for they motivate a medical organization's progress. As new technologies are being invented or discovered, it is necessary for you as a nurse to keep yourself updated in the field of medicine by constantly learning about such innovations throughout your career.

Few examples of job opportunities in medicine and nursing

Adult Nurse Career
Ambulance Care Assistant Career
Ambulance Paramedic Career
Ambulance Technician Career
Anesthetist Career
Audiologist Career
Care Home Advocate Career
Children's Nurse Career
Chiropodist Career
Chiropody Assistant Career
Clinical Psychologist Career
Clinical Scientist Career
Community Matron Career
Community Nursery Nurse Career
Dental Nurse Career
Dental Therapist Career
Dentist Career
Dietitian Career
District Nurse Career
Doctor - GP Career
Drama Therapist Career
Emergency Care Assistant Career
Emergency Medical Dispatcher Career
Health Promotion Specialist Career
Health Trainer Career
Health Visitor Career
Health Care Assistant Career
Hearing Therapist Career
Hospital Doctor Career
Learning Disability Nurse Career
Maternity Support Worker Career
Mental Health Nurse Career
Midwife Career
Nutritionist Career
Occupational Health Nurse Career
Occupational Therapist Career
Occupational Therapy Support Worker Career
Patient Transport Service Controller Career
Pharmacist Career
Pharmacologist Career
Pharmacy Technician Career
Phlebotomist Career
Physiotherapist Career
Physiotherapy Assistant Career
Practice Nurse Career
Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker Career
Psychologist Career
School Nurse Career
Sexual Health Adviser Career
Speech and Language Therapist Career
Speech and Language Therapy Assistant Career
Sports Physiotherapist Surgeon Career

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