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Job Description:

Job description of telemarketing director resume includes following duties:

  • Make team compensation schedule and presentation metrics.
  • Interface closely among sales division to make sure alignment.
  • Conduct investigation based on quality achievements in all features of coordination, designing and report production.
  • Work through collegiate representatives to current calling information and safe guest speakers.
  • Keep follow-up events to fresh customers correctly and initiating them under minimal management.
  • Place and sell the company products to clients.

  • Make a process work-flow for telemarketing or sales and leading follow-up and qualification.
  • Keep precise detailed and appropriate contact information in the database.
  • Call sales prospect persons in target industries for succeed guides and establish appointments for sales force directly.
  • Expand, train, and supervise telemarketing or telesales teams for software or technology associations.
  • Oversee telemarketer in influencing the clients to purchase the organization's services and products.
  • Contact companies or private persons through telephone in order to solicit sales for services or goods.
  • Clarify services or products and prices, and reply queries from clients.
  • Get client information like address, name, and payment process, and put orders into computers.
  • Record addresses, purchases, names, and reactions of prospects contacted.
  • Acquire telephone and names numbers of potential clients from sources like magazine reply cards, telephone directories, and lists purchased from other associations.
  • Increase call scripts for telemarketer's utilize through qualification and lead generation.
  • Respond telephone calls from potential clients who have been solicited during advertisements.
  • Deliver arranged sales talks, understanding from scripts that explain services or products, in order to persuade potential clients to purchase a service or product or to build a donation.
  • Write or telephone letters to answer to correspondence from clients or to record initial sales contacts.
  • Keep records of accounts, contacts, and orders.
  • Set up telephone contact through prospective customers.
  • Conduct market or customer surveys in order to get information concerning potential clients.
  • Offer basic information concerning the telemarketing.
  • Answer to complaints and inquiries regarding the Tele-fund program.
  • Help through the growth of policies to raise overall gift income and contribution rates.
  • Arrange appointments for sales representatives to meet with prospective customers to focus sales presentations.
  • Work among the department administration to expand and apply telemarketing budget.
  • Regulate sales scripts to improved target the requirements and interests of particular persons.
  • Communicate effectively among customers.
  • Manage efficiently numerous projects.
  • Prioritize work and meet deadlines.
  • Knowledge of telemarketing brands and products.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Technical knowledge and information of association's product.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Computer knowledge in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  • Educate others in telemarketing or telesales function.
Objective Statements:
  • Obtain a respective position as a telemarketing director in dynamic company where I would like to set up new methods, techniques to meet company targets.
  • I have talent to explore, expand and qualify sales leads for modern product or solution of the company.
  • Seeking for job in the field of telemarketing director where I have chance for mid-career level and permanent position where my experience and skills will use extensively and nourished for the next level.
  • To the development of the company I would like to work in demanding field where I will prove myself through my skills and previous experience.
  • Looking for a position of telemarketing director where I would like to work in fast paced environment where I will use my skills to make strategic planning of the company.
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