Insurance Agent Resume Objective

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Job Description:

Insurance agent is responsible to manage coverage and risk of insurance.

  • Performing as a liaison between clients and insurance companies
  • Selling insurance to current as well as new clients in order to develop number of clients
  • Collecting lists of probable clients to provide guidance for further business
  • Collecting information of clients to decide their needs and risk of insurance

  • Communicating with prospective clients to explain features and advantages of insurance policies
  • Making use of persuasive methods of sales to recommend types of insurance coverage
  • Suggesting extra changes in insurance policy
  • Calculating and estimating rates of insurance premium
  • Establishing and developing relations with clients, underwriter and other professional group
  • Collecting premiums from policyholders
  • Finding information for market accounts and quotations
  • Meeting up and maintaining production targets for insurance premium
  • Establishing and maintaining personal network
  • Preparing reports of daily activities and results
  • Ability to work well with other professional people and clients.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong work ethics with good business sense.
  • Proficient with MS-Office work.
  • Always ready to learn new things related to insurance.
  • Extremely customer service oriented.
  • Excellent public management skills.
  • Exceptional time management and organizational ability.
  • Outstanding problem solving knowledge.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Extremely self motivated and punctual.
  • Ability to understand insurance needs of clients.
  • In depth knowledge of insurance market.
Objective Statements:
  • I am looking for a respective job position of an insurance agent in a well known insurance firm where I can work with management to provide expert advice in applying and managing insurance programs.
  • Seeking for the job of insurance agent in fast paced work environment where my communication skills and public management knowledge will have valuable utilization in the management of insurance company.
  • To secure an insurance agent job in well established insurance company that gives me opportunity to develop my job experience and knowledge of insurance market. I would like to mention that I have completed my graduation in Business Management from the University of XYZ; my educational background will surely help me to perform as an insurance agent.
  • To obtain an insurance agent job using my research skills, analytical ability and experience of insurance sales with in customer service oriented insurance company. I have done bachelor's degree in field of Commerce with specialization in Business Administration as well as I have more than 4 years of experience in insurance company which should help me to perform my job well.
  • In search of insurance agent job position in insurance company where I can be able to work as a part of insurance company management with my strong interpersonal skills and marketing knowledge. I have many years of experience in field of insurance that will assist me to improve my job performance in order to make more profit for the insurance company.

Refer coordinator at insurance to write perfect resume objective.