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Job Description:

A guidance counselor also identified like a school counselor or else a student counselor is an individual who efforts in a school otherwise any further educational institute and assists students make out what they would like to become in future.

A guidance counselor mainly assists students evaluate their strong point and interests moreover facilitates them to get the career prospects which could be suitable for them.

The fundamental guidance counselor responsibility is to assist describe a career trail meant for the students. According to the likes and dislikes plus the potency of a learner/student, the guidance counselor may recommend a career that he considers is excellent for the student and career in which the learner will do extremely well and be successful in. The guidance counselor into this condition facilitates students understand their specialty and what accurately they are fine at.

  • The candidate must offer direct help and assistance to small groups, students and classrooms.
  • Administer the execution of the chosen school curriculum. Discuss with further specialized team and exterior agencies and extra organizations.
  • Support in the entrance, curriculum, documentation keeping, placement as well as release of students (who would be having some behavioral disorders).
  • Must execute extra interrelated functions as demanded through the Principal or Headmaster.
  • Ought to include minimum 7 to 8 years of experience within this area.
  • A bachelor's degree.
  • necessitate to be licensed/certified.
  • Course work must contain psychology, social studies and communications effort, by a stress on public talking.
  • A good background into statistics and mathematics is essential for calculating student's regular tests.
  • Skill to listen, an open minded, honesty plus a good sense of humor.
  • Those who be successful in this occupation converse fine with students.
  • Offer help to students into minute group, classrooms or else independently.
  • Accountable to discus with students and parents.
  • Liable to offer direct services to learners in classroom.
  • Capability to counsel, program growth, case management and group facilitator.
  • Competent to effort under strict targets.
  • Capability to accomplish written reports allocated by principal.
  • Skill to accomplish residence visits as well as assignments.
  • Capable to perform other tasks as allotted.
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
Objective Statements:
  • Structured, well-organized and passionate Guidance Counselor having more than 10 yrs of experience within directing and guiding learners, training them how they can manage stress, dealing of different behavioral or psychological troubles in children and presenting professional counseling. My well-built communication as well as inter-personal skills would surely profit the organization I job for.
  • Seeking for the utmost chance to effort like a guidance counselor on behalf of a reputed business.
  • Looking for a demanding Position of School Guidance Counselor to assist every student in developing skillfulness within the areas of educational Planning, personal-social growth as well as Career and Occupational Development.
  • In search of a Guidance Counselor job with an educational institute where my training skills would go on developing, though I am even serving the expectations of the school.
  • An extremely capable and passionate School Counselor having good experience in presenting individual and group counseling assistance to gather the advanced, precautionary and corrective requirements of students. Established track record of achievement in setting up school's counseling plan and rising tricks and resources to apply and calculate the program.
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