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Job Description:

Here is the sample job description for the position of computer technician.

  • Providing on line help for users.
  • Providing technical support for organizational progress.
  • Installing and maintaining various software programs.
  • Utilizing and maintaining various output devises such as printer, scanner and other equipment.
  • Supervising performance of operating system and ensuring hardware quality.

  • Maintaining servers and network.
  • Setting and maintaining back up for computerized filing system.
  • Performing daily network maintenance.
  • Creating as well as deleting user network account when required.
  • Preparing and sending technical presentation.
  • Assisting other technicians in software and hardware installation.

With the help of following skills and abilities you can perform your responsibilities perfectly.

  • Exceptional interacting skills.
  • Ability to solve out technical and administrative issues.
  • Exceptional research and analytical ability.
  • Good working knowledge of LAN and VAN.
  • Knowledge of operating systems such as MS-DOS, UNIX, AOS/VS, NOS/VE, NOS.
  • Superb presentation skills.
  • Ability to understand technical documentation.
  • Capability to give oral instructions.
  • Strong team leader.
  • In-depth knowledge of technology terms.
  • Experienced in hardware maintenance.
  • Extremely familiar with SQL databases.
  • Good communication skills both written and oral.
Objective Statements:

Followings are the sample objective statements for the computer technician resume.

  • Obtaining a perfect job opportunity in challenging work environment where I can easily apply my 9 years of experience and technical skills for the development of your association. I would like to mention that I have done bachelors degree in computer science as well as I have good work approach which will be helpful for your organizational improvement.
  • I am looking for a position where my 10+ years of computer technician experience will have valuable utilization. My ultimate organization is one who knows that customers are the major focus. I have good knowledge of computer technology and organizational procedures that can be also help me in my job performance.
  • A position that will make use of my many years of work experience in computer application. A qualified and skilled with computer service knowledge seeking for the best job opportunity in highly professional organization which give chance for talented and experienced candidate. I have completed extensive course in Microsoft Systems Engineering and bachelor's degree with minor in Public Relations. I would like to perform my job in your organization as a valuable part of your team.
  • Computer technician employment position utilizing certification, educational qualification, and skills in computer technology and customer service. My educational qualification includes bachelor's degree of computer technology as well as specialize certification in CompTia A+. (Computer Science, CISCO (CCNA)). My qualification area should help your organization to develop goodwill in marketplace.
  • To obtain a responsible job as a Computer Technician in reputed organization as yours where I able to get opportunity to develop my experience and apply my technical skills. I have done graduation in Graphic Communications and special programming language training where I learned various programming languages such as VAX Assembler, FORTRAN, C, and C++ which can be useful for my as well as organizational progress.
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Above resume objective statements will help you to get good job opportunity.