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Job Description:

Here are the sample job descriptions for the position of computer operator.

  • Operating and maintaining various computer equipment such as small scale electronic data processing systems.
  • Performing daily office activities.
  • Supervising procedures and operations of system.
  • Upholding and handling file system.
  • Generating operational documentation.

  • Organizing and managing training programs for users.
  • Communicating with multiple users in order to solve their problems.
  • Performing daily maintenance of computer.
  • Identifying computer requirements in organization.
  • Controlling start to end computer operations.
  • Analyzing and responding to computer problems.
  • Entering necessary data into computer.
Above information will help you to perform your job.


Followings are the key skills of computer operator.

  • Capable to understand computer related problems.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal ability.
  • Programming language skills such as C, C++, Java and Java Script.
  • Skilled in operating systems: Windows 9x, Windows 2009, Windows XP, MS Dos, Linux, UNIX.
  • Ability to easily convey personal ideas.
  • Experienced in computer operations.
  • Exceptional capability to take quick decisions.
  • Ability to learn more things related to job.
  • Able to establish and maintain professional relationships.
  • Complete knowledge of various PC equipment.
  • Exceptional presentation skills.
  • Extremely helpful nature.
Objective Statements:

Followings are the effective objective statements for your computer operator position resume.

  • I want to secure the job of a Computer Operator in a respected organization where I can use my 9 years of professional experience in entering information, maintaining general office support to assist in the expansion of a company. I would like to mention that I have done graduation in computer programming from XYZ University, my experience and education will help me to carry out my job.
  • Take a challenging position as Computer Operator. I have efficiency which makes the effective organizational environment I would also like to state that I have completed bachelor's degree in computer science and I have also done certified course in Tally. Willing to use my expertise area for your organizational development.
  • To seek the position of Computer Operator in highly professional and presumed organization where I able to use my IT skills and 6 years of experience. I have completed training program in information technology where I learned proper functionally of operating system which should assist me to put my contribution in associational improvement.
  • To attain a position in the field where my knowledge and interest will have valuable application. I have more than 5 years of experience in computer field and ability to solve technical problems and capability to take quick decision which should help me to participate in your reputed organization.
  • Looking for the entry level job position as a computer operator in hardworking and profit-oriented organizational environment. A job that allow me to learn more things from this field and support me to make use of my knowledge of computer and organizational procedures. I have done graduation in Arts field and certified computer course from ABC computer academy.
With the help of above mentioned information you can write effective resume objective statements.