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Job Description:

To become a bartender you have to perform followings job responsibilities.

  • Mixing and serving different drinks by combining items for example juices, water, soda, sugar, and fruit garnishes.
  • Placing glasses and drink bottles to make smart display.
  • Preparing and serving drinks to customer.
  • Taking food orders from customers.
  • Offering polite and personalized customer service.

  • Collecting payments from customer.
  • Maintaining fresh stock of drinks and foods as the bar.
  • Cleaning and maintaining service station.
  • Implementing high level standard in customer service.
  • Operating and maintaining cash register.
  • Ensuring proper set up of bar or restaurant.
  • Providing perfect opening and closing record for all drinks.
  • Ensuring that proper supplies are on hand.

Here are the key skills and abilities for the post of bartender.

  • Good communication ability.
  • Able to work for extra time.
  • Extremely hard working and well-mannered.
  • Good internal relationships skills.
  • In depth knowledge of all kind of drinks.
  • Advanced knowledge of selling techniques.
  • Excellent attitude with interpersonal skills.
  • Exceptional time management skills.
  • Superb ability to handle critical situation.
  • Good capability to provide satisfactory customer service.
  • Strong ability to collect orders and payments.
  • Knowledgeable to handle cash account.
  • Exceptional problem solving aptitude.
  • Experienced in restaurants and bar activities.
Above skills will help you to perform as a bartender.

Objective Statement:

Followings are the best samples of bartender resume objective.

  • I am looking for the position as a bartender in a well established Bar where it can advantage from my 6 years extensive experience, creativity, energy, strong communication skills and good knowledge of the bar scene.
  • To obtain a tough job position with a well maintained restaurant that makes best use of my management and customer service skills. I have eight years of experience in field of bar and restaurant with knowledge of various drinks and food recipe, my knowledge and experience will help me to perform my job.
  • Hard working ability, strong approach for job responsibility and full knowledge of bar procedures, looking for the best job opportunity in bar where I can get chance to work as a bartender. I would like to mention that I have knowledge to handle accounts of restaurant will can be helpful for betterment of customer service.
  • Extremely talented bartender with vast experience in preparing and serving drinks to customer and special guests. Background in making and serving drinks to patrons, directly or through wait-staff. I have completed high school diploma as well as special course in public communication that should assist me to develop my job experience.
  • I want to become a bartender in customer service oriented restaurant or bar where I can apply my communication skills, hard working ability and mathematical knowledge in my job performance in order to provide good customer service.
  • I am a graduate of XYZ Bartenders School I am looking for a bartending position. I am a self motivated, loyal, profit oriented person with excellent job record with consistent customer service skills.
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Above information will help you to prepare good resume and to get best job opportunity of bartender.