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Work Environment:

Chefs employ different methods to make food. Usually, within big kitchens they'll effort as member of a group liable for a specific section, like vegetables, or pastries and bread. The head-chef, also called as the kitchen-manager, the 'maitre-de cuisine', or supervisory-chef, handle the whole kitchen.

As a chef, your key tasks would consist of following:

  • Confirming that the kitchen operate as per the applicable cleanliness, safety and health policies
  • Supervising and keeping the good food quality prepared within the kitchen
  • Overseeing employees in their routine work

  • Arranging menus
  • Coping with providers
  • Handling the financial plan
  • Addressing complaints which might affect employees and resolving them
  • Ordering food-materials and kitchen equipments required for the arrangement of meal
Normally, you would begin as an apprentice chef or kitchen-assistant. On this stage you'll employ time into kitchen's every section, increasing understanding of a variety of methods and skills, as well as studying how to handle utensils and appliances of kitchen.

By more experience, you can advance to section-chef being responsible for managing a part of the kitchen. The following stage would be sous-chef, which engross utilizing your experience to administer the whole kitchen in support of the head-chef when required.

Within small kitchens, you can moreover be accountable for kitchen-cleaning and providing food to clients.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You might not require any educational qualifications to begin as a trainee-chef. Though, several employers/managers will rather want you to encompass a general-education, probably containing GCSE grades with topics such as Catering, English, hospitality and Mathematics.

You can get this job by acquiring a training-course that merge academic-study with practical-assignments, like:

  • Degree course into Culinary-Arts Management
  • HND into Professional-Cookery By BTEC
  • Second-level Diploma into Professional0-Cookery accredited by 'City and Guilds' and 'EDI'
  • National-Diploma into Hospitality by BTEC
  • HNC into Hospitality-Management by BTEC
Confirm with universities/colleges for more information on training-course entrance criteria.

Instead, you can obtain this work using method of traineeship. The availability of traineeship within your sector will rely on the regional employment-market and the sort of abilities employers or managers want from employees.

Training Details:

Being a chef, you can take qualifications of NVQ with topics like:

  • Hospitality-Supervision, Third-level
  • Food-Processing and Cooking, Second-level
  • Professional-Cookery, second and third level
You can gain more superior skills and assist your career-scenario by accomplishing part time training-courses, for example HNC by BTEC or degree course into hospitality-management, professional-cookery or culinary-arts management.

Skills and knowledge:

  • The capability to handle a budget
  • Admirable managerial abilities
  • Imagination and inventiveness for food garnishing and presentation
  • The aptitude to function as a team-member
  • A concern and dedication regarding cooking and food
  • Outstanding leadership and communication abilities
  • The capacity to do your job under stress
  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • The capability to handle multiple duties

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Income of an executive-chef, in a top-hotel can be about £41,000 and £52,000.
  • Head-chefs can get around £32,500.
  • Initially, a trainee-chef might receive approximately £15,200 for a year.
  • Section-chefs can be paid about £18,400.
  • A second-chef or sous-chef may get up to £25,500.

Working Conditions:

Your work would begin from the morning and end at night, which might include shift-scheme. You may have to work on local-holidays and weekends. You can also work on part time hour or on seasonal basis.

Atmosphere of kitchen is humid and hot and busy at main meal-times. You'll put on, hat and apron for cleanliness reasons.

Different Opportunities:

Even though there are more than 255,000 cooks and chefs, but still there is a lack of skillful chefs.

You can discover job opportunities all through the country within each sector of the business, comprising cafes, hotels, wine-bars and restaurants, and also in Armed-Forces, education, and NHS. Several restaurants operate in partner-ship basis, and a lot of are managed and owned by chefs.

By means of experience and qualifications, you can proceed to kitchen-supervisor or head-chef. You might have better promotional chances within bigger kitchens. You can furthermore progress to management, establish your contract-catering company, or step up to teach and coach professional-cookery and catering within colleges.

Employment vacancies are publicized by the regional and nationwide newspapers and media, or by business magazines like 'Caterer and Hotelkeeper'.

Along with this career guidance, refer these chef executive resumes and chef pastry resumes.


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