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Job Description:

The high school teacher is a well experienced teacher accountable for the release of particular course content. High School Teachers educates students by the secondary stage, normally 9th to 12th grades.

Numerous High School Teachers concentrate on a particular subject, for instance science, math, English or else history. A bachelor's degree, for ex. a Bachelor of Science into Secondary Education, together with a state certification, is essential to turn out to be a High School Teacher.

Their responsibilities may include the following:

  • The high school teacher is mandatory to organize course matters and make certain that each and every content is accurately taught.
  • Must manage parent and teachers meetings on a usual basis in support of make certain that parents recognize everything regarding their child's growth.
  • Apply resourceful curriculum by means of outcome based teaching and other assessments.
  • Be supposed to effort along with the Head teacher to direct the school self assessment and improvement planning method.
  • Must have minimum 4 to 5 years of teaching knowledge.
  • Have common view of the essential academy's mission
  • Tough content as well as subject material awareness
  • Capability to maintain and recommend adults, and students
  • Excellent written and oral communication skillfulness
  • Good organizational and time-managing ability
  • Proficiency into MS Word, MS Excel and Outlook, moreover experience in utilizing them in a certified flexible schedule
  • Effectual class management
  • Student enthusiasm
  • Individual awareness
  • Interactive sessions
  • Creative writing
  • School play
  • Curriculum expansion
  • Formative review
  • Test design
Objective Statements:
  • Seek position as High School Teacher and utilize my skills in teaching and promoting school.
  • A competent, energetic and experienced High School Teacher containing strong awareness regarding different subjects like arts, math's, science and literature, capability to make administrative strategies and make sure high principles of discipline within the school. I even cover outstanding communication, interpersonal and problem resolving skillfulness which would profit the students into all aspects.
  • Seeking for the post of High School Teacher as have skill in Language and Literature. 8 years of experience in rising effectual oral as well as written communication and reading ability. Expertise in making student centered background, supportive learning in addition to differentiated lesson strategy.
  • Looking for latest challenges within the practice of general teaching and interrelated syllabus by high school education rank.

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