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Job Description:

A computer teacher is liable for clarifying and instructing the entire fundamental computing concepts as well as additional difficult software concerns. A bachelor degree into computer technology and certification within definite software program is the least constraint for employment.

A computer teacher is essentially sorted out as an occupational instructor. They are accountable for the schooling and training of computer associated concepts. The majority of courses are trained within a laboratory place where learners or students may practice and recognize necessary computing perceptions/concepts more evidently. A computer teacher might even be competent to instruct courses into certain s/w areas, for instance Internet browsing and Microsoft Office. Computer trainers may train at vocational institutions and the public colleges.


  • Systematize, preserve and administer class systems in appropriate operational condition.
  • Instruct students and learners to exercise computers.
  • Design as well as develop suitable computer instructional objects.
  • Handle and examine student's activities.
  • Begin and execute systems, methods and additional student managing issues.
  • Build up and apply lesson procedure plus classroom behavior in accordance with the learner managing issues.
  • Carry out group teaching sessions.
  • Decide as well as troubleshoot technological services in favor of staff.
  • Co-ordinate and work together with lead trainer, principal and instructional teachers.
  • Incorporate exceptional lesson plans by core educational curriculum.
  • Booming teaching knowledge of computers and its functions
  • Detailed understanding of verbal/audio/visual approach of instructions
  • Good knowledge of administering students to carry out necessary trade functions
  • Outstanding ability to establish perfect judgment in performing job responsibilities
  • Massive capability to regulate hours to career requirements
  • Well-built verbal as well as written communication skillfulness
  • Should be minimum 18 years old.
  • Excellent awareness of computers, particularly word processing and Internet exploring.
  • Skill to converse well among varied populations.
  • Ought to express poise, sympathy and non-judgmental approach towards clients.
  • Must be proficient to recognize, communicate, moreover support computer policies and measures.
Objective Statements:
  • I am seeking the post of Computer Teacher into a reputed school or college where I would be competent to help the students by my wide-ranging Computer awareness of Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Unix, Linux, MS DOS, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, C/C++programming, 3D Max, Bryce 3D and 5 years of experience within managing and educating students regarding the functions of Computer science.
  • Become a computer teacher and facilitate successful learning values in computer repair and maintenance for middle school learners.
  • Seeking a Computer Teacher situation where my skills and past experience would support in development of the school.