Help Desk Technician Resume Objective

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Job Description:

Job description of help desk technicians resume involves duties and responsibilities which as under:

  • Increasing and keeping a professional level of knowledge with information for the advantage of the company.
  • Change and repair computer hardware including observes, printers and keyboard so that they work in great situation.
  • Offer good customer service for attending e-mails and phone calls.
  • Assists with computer studies, projects, and implementation of policies throughout area of assignment.
  • Assessment of company software and hardware.

  • Install latest software on consumer's computers.
  • Coordinate and offer leadership on projects that strengthen functional and support abilities of the section.
  • Arrange and ship computer tools to remote offices.
  • Confirm resolution of difficulty reports with the user as necessary.
  • Install, sustain, and troubleshoot hardware and software on network servers and personal computers and upgrade and configure PC and server hardware.
  • Troubleshoot computer software, hardware or network. Collaborate with network administrators and other employees to make sure proficient operation of the desktop computing environment.
  • Suggest procedures or documentation for installations or other job connected items.
  • Deploy and prepare latest employee laptop, desktop and printer configurations together with software upgrade packaging, testing, imaging and deployments.
  • Coordinate large tasks, smaller projects and team efforts.
  • Modify, clean and repair computer hardware including keyboard, printers and monitors.
  • Conducts diagnostic reviews and produces error reports as requested through clients in order to recognize and correct any evils.
  • Ropes computer users with installation of basic hardware, software and networking components to meet individual computer requirements.
  • Diagnoses and troubleshoots basic problems with individual or multiple computer systems in order to maintain proper functioning; resolves issues including contacting and assisting vendors.
  • Recommends hardware solutions regarding personal computers in assigned areas.
  • Gather and record particular information concerning customer problem reports and requests.
  • Strong knowledge of networking protocols and fundamentals.
  • Proven record of creating policies, procedures, and technical documentation.
  • Oral and written communication skill.
  • Working information of MS-Project, remote desktop, citrix.
  • Efficient repairing laptops and workstations or coordinating on site repairs.
  • Resolve client matters with little or no supervision.
  • Project management skill.
  • Explicate technical thoughts to a non technical audience.
  • Understand and be capable to achieve basic operations of every other position.
Objective Statement:
  • Looking for a position of help desk technician utilizing my skills to offer good service and develop the company bottom line and to rise in my job to a more responsible place.
  • I want to acquire a position as a help desk technician in a well prepared institution which could advantage from my previous experience in offering customer and PC and server tech support for small to medium sized companies.
  • For the improvement of the company I will work hard and use my knowledge to become a successful help desk technician in the business environment.
  • I have strong knowledge of help desk to develop business strategy as well as planning through procedures, activities and methods.
  • I have good management skills which are supportive to me to make new strategy and meet deadlines of the company.