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Job Description:

Here are the main job responsibilities for the systems programmer position.

  • Handling and maintaining data reliability and accessibility.
  • Working closely with systems design engineers.
  • Providing guidance to systems functionality.
  • Working hard to create secured system application.

  • Supervising performance of various programs to find out faults and suggest useful solutions.
  • Implementing and developing design code for company product.
  • Analyzing and presenting hardware and software problem solutions.
  • Documenting process for software application and programs.
  • Generating and modifying service programs.
  • Creating new systems programs to perform new assignments.
  • Performing programming and maintenance for various modules.
  • Providing software installation and support to organization.
With the help of above information, you can perform your job perfectly.


Followings are the skills for the post of systems programmer.

  • Programming language skills: Perl, PL/SQL, COBOL, IBM Assembler, CICS, TCP/IP, MQ/Series, IMS/DC, C, C++, and Visual Basic.
  • Various systems knowledge such as Windows (2007), UNIX, MS/DOS, Mac/OS, VAX/VMS, OS/390.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal ability.
  • Capability to work with team.
  • Experienced in graphics programming.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Capability to create logical ideas.
  • Extreme capability to meet deadlines.
  • Extremely strong team member and future oriented.
  • Able to perform multiple tasks.
  • Capable to coordinate with systems administration.
  • Good knowledge of computer program.
  • Competent to work hard.
  • Ability to work under tight schedule.
Objective Statements:

Your resume objective is of the best way to highlight your career accomplishment.

  • To secure a job position as a Systems Programmer in reputed organization where my technical knowledge can be improved and 7 years of experience in development computer programs can be used in vary fields in a suitable way for the profit of the organization. I have solid knowledge of system programming and programming language.
  • Looking for the job position as systems programmer. A job where I can put my effort as a part of development team with my extensive work experience and software knowledge. I would like to state that I have completed bachelor's degree in computer science from XYZ University and associate degree in system programming.
  • Seeking a Systems Programmer job opportunity in an industry where I can make use of my experience and proficiently contribute to the industrial development. I have done bachelor's degree science field with specialist in computer science as well as I have technical skills including operating Systems, programming language and case tools which should help me to perform my job.
  • To achieve a challenging and responsible job position with a future oriented company where my extensive experience will have helpful use and deployment of my opportunity for development. My educational background will also help me to contribute my skills and knowledge in business development.
  • Qualifies and skills job candidate applying for the post of systems programmer. I have a completed bachelor's degree in information technology from XYZ University and certified course in professional development which can be most important and helpful fact of my qualification.
  • Willing to put my effort for the development of your organization with my programming language skills including C, C++, COBOL and Pascal. I would like to highlight that I have completed my master's qualification degree in Computer Engineering from XYZ University.
Above objective statements will also help you to get best job opportunity for making career as cobol programmer and programmer in mainframe.