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Section Leader And Machine Setter Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for section leader and machine setter job.
A section leader and machine setter sets up, adjusts, installs, does repairs and maintenance of machines and equipment and thus ensures smooth functioning of operations management. Thus, he provides mechanical assistance in accomplishment of successful operations management functions.

He performs various functions linked with machines and equipment in a manufacturing concern. Some of the key functions can be listed as follows:

  • Set up, adjustment, repairs and maintenance, installation of machines and equipment
  • Clean up, lubricate the parts on regular interval to ensure smooth operations
  • Test operations and required adjustments
  • Inspection and ensure total productive maintenance
  • Coding and decoding of various operations linked with automated machinery

Thus, he is the person qualified and trained in discharging operations relating to engineering and maintenance of machines, facilities, and equipment. Hence, his resume cover letter should focus his engineering and maintenance management skills with regard to advanced developments in the area of operations management..

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for an Experienced Candidate)

Jim S. Williams
1850 Lake Road
Camden, NJ 08102
January 3, 2012

Tony A. Johnson
The Hiring Manager
ABC Mfg. Industries Pvt. Ltd.
1941 Maloy Court
Lebanon, KS 66952

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This is in connection with your advertisement in the 'Daily California Times' that I wish to apply for the vacancy of a section leader and machine setter in your manufacturing firm. I would be happy to serve your firm and be associated with your well esteemed organization.

As an assistant section leader and machine setter I have been discharging the duties associated with the post where my responsibilities include setting up, adjustment, arranging machine prior to operations, testing and necessary alterations etc. This experience has imparted me with the necessary expertise in handling technical issues relating to machines and equipment. With the strong mathematical and analytical base I have learned to deal with such matters practically. It helps to deal with trouble shooting and to have the necessary precautions..

With simplification of complex structures I can handle the operational problems easily and efficiently. Please refer to the enclosed resume for further details..

Hope that you would consider my application positively and provide me with an opportunity to have a personal interaction with you in this regard..

Thank you, Yours sincerely,

Jim S. Williams


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Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for a Fresher)

James K. McGlynn
1528 Harter Street
Dayton, OH 45402
January 3, 2012

James B. Maynard
The Hiring Manager,
PQR Industries Ltd.
2829 Star Trek Drive
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Reference: Referred by Mr. Frank E. Lyle, the Assistant Operations Manager, PQR Industries Ltd.

I came across the opening of a section leader and machine setter with reference to Mr. Frank and wish to apply for the same. Hence, I am drafting this cover letter so as to highlight my suitability for the above mentioned vacancy.

My internship project as a part of completion of a curriculum helped me to know different aspects linked with the job and get acquainted with the different issues involved in machine setting operations. As a fresher I lack some practical experience, but I ensure you about my efficient services in this concern. With strong mathematical and engineering abilities I can handle the duties in an efficient manner. Completion of a software application certification course and good analytical skills would help me to gain the expertise soon..

Knowledge of AutoCAD operations, coding systems, familiarity with automated functions, advanced trends in operations and maintenance management would be an added advantage. The mechanical engineering base and problem solving attitude would help me to learn the operations easily and efficiently. Please find the enclosed resume and letter of appreciation.

Anticipate a favorable response from you in this concern. Thank you for considering my application..

Sincere regards,

(Signature) James K. McGlynn


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    The section leader and machine setter job profile includes constant attention to machines and equipment so that the operations go on smoothly and effectively. Hence, such resume cover letter should highlight your engineering, analytical, and problem solving attitude. Check out apple mechanical engineer resume example if are looking for the resume building tips.

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