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Apple Mechanical Engineer Resume

Apple Inc., is one of the leading names in computer, computer software, smartphone, iPad, etc., industry. The team of computer (hardware and software), mechanical, industrial, etc., engineers working with Apple is exceptionally talented and possesses thorough expertise.

The job duties of a mechanical engineer working with any other organization such as Apple will be similar; the only difference is that the quality and standard of expertise expected from Apple or the employees of Apple is very high as compared to any other organization. Thus, many aspiring engineers, while searching good resume samples, search for Apple mechanical engineer resume, so as to get an idea of the skills and expertise one needs to be a part of Apple or how should one portray himself to win an interview at this world renowned organization.

To help you draft an effective resume which would probably help in meeting the profile standards expected at Apple, we have shared a resume sample here. Let us read the same and try to understand the format and points to be included in a perfect resume.

Thomas S. Cyrus
1510 Blue Sky Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32201
Phone: 806-456-1021

Career Objective:

Highly ambitious, hardworking, passionate towards the field of mechanical engineering and looking for opportunities wherein I can prove my expertise and move up the professional hierarchy. Willing to work in an environment wherein responsibilities are expected to be efficiently shouldered and one gets complete freedom to exercise his roles and responsibilities.

Career Summary:

With a total experience of 4 years, I am currently employed with Apple at the position of Mechanical Engineer – Grade II. I began my career with Apple as an Intern and was later taken on board after proving my potential and expertise to be appointed as an Associate Mechanical Engineer. Having moved up the professional hierarchy, I am now at a higher position with higher responsibilities and working hard to continue progressing in my career.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough experience in project management and mechanical engineering
  • Thorough with the presentation and documentation pertaining to mechanical engineering
  • Proficiency in using MATLAB, Minitab, Excel, Matcad, etc.
  • Good knowledge of statistical analysis, mathematical reasoning, algorithm testing, DOE, etc.
  • Well versed with the fabrication and fixtures of mechanical parts, equipment, etc.
  • Good at planning floor layouts to ensure maximum efficiency of men and materials

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - Apple, Boston
Designation: Mechanical Engineer
(2012 - till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the team lead
  • Plan preventive maintenance schedule of the machinery used in the plant
  • Troubleshoot any mechanical issues that interrupt or are likely to interrupt the production processes
  • Put forth the requirements pertaining to maintenance and mechanical engineering such as spares, equipment, etc.
  • Purchase the required machinery, design various dies and molds to be used in production, initiate the production, and check few initial sample units
  • Implement Kaizen, JIT, and required safety measures in the plant
  • Work on designing various dies and molds to be used on the machines for production
  • Help in negotiating and getting the best deal pertaining to the machinery purchase
  • Help in effective project management by devising proper maintenance schedules, following the production schedule and requirements, and working in close coordination with the project manager

Apple, Boston
Designation: Intern - Mechanical Engineering Department

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Sr. Engineer
  • Assist in maintenance planning
  • Find defects or flaws in the machinery and rectify the same
  • Handle the lubrication and cleaning of machine parts, replacement of faulty parts, installation of new dies or fixtures on machines, etc.
  • Assist in mechanical design engineering pertaining to die/mold design, CAD with reference to functioning or dismantling and fixing of different machine parts, etc.
  • Assist in making effective floor plans to ensure minimal wastage of time and resources during the movement of men and materials
  • Implement various safety regulations and laws
  • Place back the inventory, tools and fixtures, etc., used during the maintenance and updating of the daily work log


  • Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, St. Peter's University, Florida - 2010
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, St. Peter's University, Florida - 2008
  • Pursuing Project Management Distance Learning Course from St. Peter's University, Florida


Looking for suitable opportunities in New York and Florida.


Available on request

Thomas S. Cyrus

The sample of Apple mechanical engineer resume given above serves as a ready reference for anyone willing to apply for the said position and create the right impression on the employer such that his resume clears the resume screening round. The sample is drafted in most professional format that bundles up all the skills and expertise of the candidate and makes him the most potential choice for the said position.

Go ahead and draft a resume that presents you in the best possible manner.

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