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Restaurant manager resume cover letter is an experience statement in itself about the range and types of duties he has performed till now in his career. Primarily, a restaurant manager is responsible for the overall operations of the place. His work entails long hours of office. Various departments such as kitchen, billing, food and beverage, bar, customer relations, etc, are all to be handled by him. To help him in performing all these duties, the presence of an assistant restaurant manager is necessary, although the presence of such a post of an assistant restaurant manager is relative to the size of the restaurant.

The duties of a restaurant manager involve:

  • Ensuring food quality, together with estimating how much food will be required in a day and placing order for that much amount of raw material.
  • He has to oversee that proper service is being delivered to customers, and that no customer goes away disappointed. In cases of customer complains, it is he who has to attend to them and ensure that such a mistake on the part of the staff never occurs again.
  • During food quality inspection by Food Inspector he has to accompany them around the restaurant and answer all their queries in this regard.

Cover Letter Sample

Dennis Bridge
Manager, Yale Group of Hotels, Miami
21-Duncan St
Miami, FL 33126
(800) 724-0900
January 13, 2014

Henry Lane, MD
Roger's Restaurant Chains
39 Grand Avenue St
Miami, FL 33147
(800) 329-0234

Subject- Application for the post of a Restaurant Manager

Dear Mr. Lane,

I have come across your ad regarding the post of Restaurant Manager in today's Florida Times, dated January 13, 2014. I am writing this letter to let you know about my interest in taking up this job.

Of a good experience of 5 years in hospitality industry, looking into all the needs of customers and the organizations, I have spent 2 years at the post of Restaurant manager with Yale Group of hotels in Miami. I have gained a good experience in managing the logistics together with the handling the staff in the most efficient manner. My endeavors have been very productive for the restaurants, a large part of which has gone into ensuring that our customers have a good time at our place. I am a strong believer of quality, which should exist at all levels- from kitchen to the dining table. Through surprise inspections and various motivational techniques, I specialize in keeping my staff ready to go at all times. I have, also achieved a customer retention level of 85% at the Yale Restaurant in Florida. Apart from this, I have had been the assistant manager at The Opulent, Las Vegas. It would be justified to add here that this experience at an international level laid the strong foundation for my career. Every rope of the profession, including managing casinos, discos, which were under my scope of care, was learnt by me while working with The Opulent.

In terms of education, I have successfully done my Masters in Hotel Management at the ABC College of Hospitality with distinction. While at the college, I did my internship, which was of 4 months, with the Marriott. I have also to my credit, a correspondence in MBA from The Doyle College of Management.

Baked by such experience and a strong drive to achieve more, backed by hard and smart work, I hope that my resume that I am attaching here, will impress you sufficiently in order for us to take this interaction forward to the next level.

Looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely.


Dennis Bridge


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This sample of restaurant manager resume cover letter is a very good example of writing a cover letter for such an important and high-ranking post. Please refer to this sample carefully before writing your own cover letter. All the best!

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