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A sample cover letter for insulation inspector job.
'To insulate' means to wrap with a material that prevents or lessens the effect of sound, energy, or heat to the particular product such as building, machinery etc. Hence, 'insulation' is associated with protecting the buildings from the negative impact of such ingredients. 'Insulation process' thus helps to overcome the environmental impact and helps to have an efficient and smooth functioning of operations.

The insulation inspector therefore, needs to examine the materials which would be used for the insulation operations and has to supervise all the activities associated with it. He is required to decide about the materials being used in the insulation work and also think about the various alternatives or modes available for doing so. Careful inspection of the area or building to be insulated helps to improve the efficiency as well as the decor of the building. One should have in depth understanding of the materials to be used in the insulation process so that he can finalize the things in the best possible manner.

You can refer to the given sample cover letters; they may be useful for writing a cover letter for the post of an insulator inspector.

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for an Experienced Candidate)

Robert S. Chamberlain
4029 Golden Street
Miami Springs, FL 33166
December 30, 2011

Erwin G. Costello
The Recruitment Manager
Home Insulation Manufacturer
2150 Pyramid Valley Road
Bonaparte, IA 52620

Dear Mr. Erwin Costello,

This letter has been written with a response to your advertisement dated December 26, 2011 in the daily 'California Times' to apply for the position of insulator inspector in your home insulation manufacture enterprise.

The current industry where I am currently serving is linked with providing the insulation services to the clients for improvement of efficiency and reducing the effect of environmental impact. Familiarity with the control function and providing services relating to acoustic insulation, fire insulation and impact insulation will help me to provide effective and quality services. I am well acquainted with the different materials used for insulation, capable of handling decision making functions and able to work under stress.

I have performed inspection and verification of constructions in process and finished buildings where I assisted the quality control manager and discharged the duties relating to the position. I ensure you of the quality and time based services to the organization in this regard. Please find the enclosed resume and experience certificate.

Hope to hear a positive reply from you in connection with the same and would like to be a part of your well recognized enterprise. You can contact me at the above mentioned address if required.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,

Robert S. Chamberlain


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Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for a Fresher)
Kurt J. Rodger
2601 Settlers Lane
New York, NY 10011
December 30, 2011

Matthew M. Fortunato The Hiring Manager Top Quality Glass Wool Services Ltd. 4131 Washington Avenue Jackson, MS 39213

Ref: referred by Mr. Randy N. Sorg, the Assistant Operations Executive, J&T Industries Ltd.

Dear Mr. Matthew Fortunato,

It is with reference to Mr. Randy that I came to know about the vacancy of insulation inspectors in your organization and hereby I wish to present my application for the same.

As a fresher I may not have much practical experience in this field, but in connection with academic project completion I have done an internship project under one of the well known Construction Quality Control Manager (CQCM) of the city, where I learned about the different tasks involved as a part of insulation process and the required materials.

It refined my practical knowledge about the insulation and helped me to know the various tasks associated with the job such as maintenance of checklist, keep inspection records, provide supervisory services, control measures etc. I would like to assure you of my commitment to the work and excellent services in this regard. My quick learning and problem solving attitude would help me to get a smooth hand soon. You can refer to the enclosed resume to know more about my credentials and abilities.

Hope to hear a favorable reply from you in this regard. Look forward to you for a personal interaction and an opportunity to present and speak for myself.

Thank you,
Sincere regards,

Kurt J. Rodger


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The insulation inspector is responsible for providing quality insulation services to the clients and helps them to lessen the environmental impact of sound, heat, energy on the construction or building. Thereby he helps to protect the building over the period of time and reduces the negative effects of surroundings where the building is located.

Along with this cover letters, refer these guidelines for writing quality control inspector resume.

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