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Quality Control Inspector Resume

Quality control operations relate to operational and quality control management, which can be viewed as a process designed to effectively coordinate all the requirements of production department, and plan your production in a way, that would reduce the defects to a negligible point. It is associated with developing statistical quality control tools and techniques, in order to ascertain good and quality output from operations department.

The quality control inspector visually inspects production output, and checks its quality to keep the organization's market position intact, and to provide customers with full satisfaction of the product. In this way, his main duties relates to inspecting, checking, testing in order to uncover defects, and reporting such defects to management to have sound decision making in connection with production processes.

Job responsibilities:

  • Analyzing and evaluating quality of operations department output, and thereby checking its conformance to the given specifications by the clients
  • Carrying out effective analysis with the help of various tools and techniques to ascertain its manufacturing process excellence, and testing such products based on pre-determined parameters
  • Establishing advanced evaluation techniques to inspect quality production and statistically measuring its performance as per the given requirement
  • Keeping a record of all such functions, in order to arrive at the reasons of such defects, or to analyze manufacturing processes in light of such details

Resume Sample

James F. Chagnon
845 Angus Road
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212-338-4105
Email Address:


With an extensive experience in carrying out quality control check and inspection, looking for a position of a Quality Control Inspector, and desires to contribute to organizational development, by providing effective and efficient quality inspection services.


  • 5 years of experience in carrying out quality check and inspection functions, and provided excellent management jobs to effectively contribute towards operations department
  • 2 years of experience as an Assistant Quality Control Officer, and familiarity with a variety of manufacturing processes
  • Widely gained experience in the area of operations management, to offer exact and accurate quality control services, by carrying out mathematical and statistical analysis
  • Excellent team management and leadership skills


  • Good communication skills
  • Abilities to monitor and work under pressure; able to provide flexible and efficient services
  • Excellent mathematical and statistical skills to ensure full conformance with client's specifications, and offer proper judgment
  • Strong analytical skills and critical thinking abilities
  • Familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes and tools

Technical skills:

  • Good handling of Microsoft functions
  • Familiarity with technical operations involved in quality check operations


  • Graduated in 'Mechanical Engineering' from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000
  • Master's in 'Business Administration' with specialization in 'Operations Management' from the Harvard Business School in 2002
  • Completed a Diploma in 'Quality Control and Inspection Management' from the University of Southern California

Professional experience:

Quality Control Inspector,
TiUR Manufacturing Industry, Miami FL 33138
2009-till date

Duties and role:

  • Inspecting and checking operations output, and measuring performance as per established parameters
  • Analyzing customers' requirements in connection with products and checking products quality and performance
  • Testing the products with a variety of mathematical and statistical tools and techniques to ascertain its quality performance, before selling them into the market
  • Keeping record of all quality checks and inspection services for reporting; such records facilitates decision making at management level
  • Finding out defects and verifying accuracy and exactness of production processes to determine necessary modifications

Assistant Quality Control Inspector
Universal Manufacturing Works Ltd, Salt Lake City, UT 97546

Duties and role:

  • Assisting quality control manager in carrying out quality checks and inspection services
  • Supporting operations department with needed feedback for improving its operational processes and procedures
  • Examining and evaluating products to ensure its quality and performance with the help of different scientific measures
  • Ensuring good quality products by establishing advanced control measures and tools
  • Providing management with relevant feedback based on documentation and reports prepared as a part of daily checks and inspection


  • Received the 'Best Performer of the Year' award, for meeting the target deadlines and offering flexible services as per schedule requirements Affiliations:
  • Affiliated to a social health club, and an association working for solving burning social issues of the society in a better way.
  • An active member of a social gathering working for creating environmental awareness


Willing to work in flexible shifts, anywhere in the States. Quick and adaptable to the environmental requirements, capable of handling independent responsibilities.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

James F. Chagnon

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