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Social services work or occupation has a number of roles. The main principle or the motto of a social worker is to offer assistance to needy societies as well as to the general public. This somehow helps in the better functioning of the society and it also ensures that each and every individual's welfare is taken care of.

Basically, the social service profession promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships, and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance their independence and happiness. In addition, the social worker is also expected to cater to the requirements of a variety of individuals. They try their best to facilitate and even sometimes provide multidisciplinary activities for easily solving the problems of the people. Anyhow, if any individual certainly wishes to be a proper and kind delegate, ideal reflector, collaborator or associate, communicator and confronter then this profession is an ideal job for them. In addition, if you also have extreme consideration and sympathy for the needy people as well as towards their social problems, then you can certainly be an important part of this kind and generous profession.

However, it is said that the role of the social worker is varyingly different as the social service is mainly related to a wide array of social activities. These kinds of activities are conducted in order to promote social happiness, prosperity, wellbeing as well as welfare of the society and its citizens. Social services entail sophisticated as well as complex type of social work. However, it particularly aims for setting up various programs in order to facilitate and persuade each and every individual or member of a community to cooperate and engage in the activities with the society as a whole.

In today's world, social service is not only helping the needy and under-privileged people, it includes performing good deeds as well as assisting several people in their needy situations. Looking at the present scenario, all we can say that this noble thing has turned out to be a good and gracious profession. Now-a-days social service has become an important part of the present society. It not only solves the public problems but it also takes part in various issues such as drug misuse, mental infirmity, paucity and shortage, etc. Therefore, if you are wish to volunteer yourself to be an important part of this profession, then it can be concluded that it is one of the most noble and selfless jobs in today's world.


Basically, it is known that the social services people volunteer themselves towards such kind of profession. Therefore, the social services workers are not paid to the extent that other more lucrative fields offer their employees. However, the basic and initial salary begins with a normal range from $ 14000 to $ 20000. It is also said that with maximum amount of work experience your salary might also increase with a possible increase in your management positions. The promoted as well as the experienced candidates' wages range approximately between $25000 to $ 50000. In addition, the pay scale or the salary depends on organization to organization as well as the area, bureau and the size of the team members.


Generally, the social services have to undertake various kinds of tasks and responsibilities. Such type of responsibilities makes them responsible for guaranteeing that the candidates are capable of integrating themselves among the society. Therefore, the social service plays a significant function in evaluating the critical situations happening in the society as well as following a proper duty check for proper functioning of the society. The main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Maintaining the records of the programs, special events, certain discussions, etc.
  • Assessing the medical staff members during emergency health needs
  • Advising the best solutions and caring advices for the family, individual, couples, etc.
  • Referring the candidates or members of the society for major positions as and when required
  • Working and performing with moral and decent bounds of profession as well as maintaining the client privacy and ascertain that the mental stress is minimized
  • Supervising the discussions and meeting among the parties or families and providing advice to them for proper functioning
  • Helping the individuals in foster care during extreme conditions and situations


The job of a social worker does not require high qualifications. However, such kinds of services are required to extend emotional help to assist the needy individuals. Therefore minimally a graduate or post graduate degree would certainly be a bonus. In addition, the more educated individuals can work for educational societies, psychological institutes, nursing, etc. Recently, it is also recommended that a social service worker should become an Approved Social Worker and this should be authorized by the local authority.


The social service workers should have a precise knowledge and understanding about serving and helping the needy society. However, there are a huge number of voluntary positions that are accessible for a full time job. Here, you can gain a lot of experience and work for the betterment of the society and this can also enhance your career.

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