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Publishing and Journalism Career Guide

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Journalism and publishing are two major sectors of media without which it cannot operate. If you are looking for a career within these sectors, then the first and the foremost thing to be understood is that all employers in this field look for candidates with creativity and great communication skills. Career growth in these sectors requires you to possess and develop excellent presentation skills. Treat the information provided below as your career guide to publishing and journalism.


Journalism careers involve traveling to several places in order to explore and track down important events and incidents, for publishing or broadcasting to the public as a whole by means of media. We all agree to the fact that it is important to spread awareness to the public about changes and developments around them as well as around the world. This task is effectively carried out by journalism with the help of reporters who go to places in search for news and then forward their research to writers and editors who work on presenting the facts and figures by writing quality articles.

Being a journalist requires you to make use of your intuition and judgment and be open to both sides of an argument. You should develop a sense of responsibility towards your work since it is your effort combined with the writer's creative skills that ensure spreading of the news effectively, without tampering with its truth. Journalists must look for their inter-personal skills within themselves and start developing them in order to excel in this field. Therefore, it is advisable for you to make a habit of reading books, magazines and newspapers for it can help you to explore the language and its vocabulary, gradually ensuring development of your writing style.

Working in Journalism

Working in the field of journalism can be anywhere between exciting and boring depending upon the nature of the event you report and your inner interests. Most journalists are expected to work for long hours and engage in traveling for research. As a suitable candidate for journalism, you are expected to hold a nationally recognized degree along with a flair for writing.

Good understanding about the job and wide knowledge about worldly affairs will definitely prove to be beneficial for you as a candidate. Taking up jobs in newspapers, magazines or TV news telecasting means that you will need work hard in order to describe the events, incidents or accidents and make it presentable to the public, keeping in mind to restrain from redesigning facts and figures. But today, as we all know, most of the media are focused on manufacturing news rather than presenting what is fact to the public. They tend to manipulate details of the events in order to attract more viewers or listeners, thus causing message filtering. You need to be careful not to work for such media corporations as it would be a sheer waste of your talent.

You may also choose to be a freelancer upon gaining experience and expertise, but for this it is important to build a good network of important contacts without which it would be difficult for you to be consistently employed.


Publishing is behind the scenes work of a team, dedicated to present an organization's work of research to the public. Publishing can be deemed as highly technical and administrative task for it needs excessive care towards production, sales, copy writing, and marketing to ensure desired attention from the readers.

Publishing like any other media related jobs, has various sections such as consumer publishing, children's books publishing and academic or journal publishing. Consumer publishing consists of fictional, non-fictional, best sellers and featured books while children's publishing, also a part of consumer publishing, is concerned with children's stories, bedtime stories, comics, etc. Academic or journal publishing, as the name suggests, are meant for educational and professional use.

Tasks in publishing are classified into 6 functional departments namely editorial, design and production, marketing, copy writing, administration and sales and distribution.

Working in Publishing

You might find the work environment in the publishing sector to be demanding as you are expected to work for long hours for a small reward in terms of salary since publishing is a highly competitive field. Your interest for books and reading play only a minor role here as employers are looking for sincere, responsible candidates in terms of profession.

You are sure to find vacancies for publishing sector posted in national media such as Times, Independent, The guardian and The Bookseller. Due to growing competition in this field, you may find it difficult to get into publishing as there are fewer vacancies when compared to the number of applicants for the positions. Yet, you may enter this field as a trainee if you don't have any prior experience and continue to grow, considering your career aspirations.

Although working in publishing may seem to be a technical job rather than being creative, you have equal chances of professional growth for those considering a career in publishing.

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