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Financial Services careers are the career options which are barely dependent on the age factor. The growth in this field is totally performance based. The better you perform, the higher you rise. Financial services provide the best career for the youngsters as they help by providing the fastest success for the ambitious ones.

Financial services have the greatest potential to attract ambitious and high performing crowd. The discipline followed in the financial industry is not too very different from that of the other segments. Before we have a detailed discussion on the opportunities in the financial services, we need to learn the constituents of this industry. We need to know what all fragments combine to define this segment. The Financial Services sector comprises of insurance companies, credit card companies, banks, stock brokerage, consumer finance companies, credit unions, investment funds and public enterprises. There is so much of scope in these fragments, that there is unlimited opportunities developing.


To get into this segment, one needs to have an educational qualification which can be any amongst the following:

  • Bachelors in Commerce
  • Bachelors in Economics
  • Bachelors in Finance
  • Bachelors in Mathematics
  • Masters in Business Administration

Having a masters degree or a post graduate degree from a reputed institute from anywhere around the globe acts as an added advantage. The career in the financial services can be divided by the different positions and designations. The designations that one could get working in the finance industry could be amongst these:

  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Advisor
  • Stock Broker
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Market Researcher
  • Fund Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Trader
  • Security Advisor
  • Security Dealer

In the finance sector, the growth in career is totally on the individual basis. A candidate in this segment is judged on the hard work and the performance parameter. If an individual performs well, according to the norms of the organization, he/she will get a real good increment in the term of both, position and salary. Growth in the finance Industry is the fastest for those who are career oriented and ambitious in life. Growth here is irrespective of age and experience, everything here is judged on the parameter of performance.

If we talk about Bureaucracy; in the finance Industry, the leading firms have lesser layers of management comparatively, and hence it leads to quicker decision makings. This increases the opportunity of being on the front end at a good managerial level in a short span of time. Bureaucracy is considered to be an important constituent while recruiting employees for a financial organization. In the finance Industry there is a general rule stating that, banking and insurance oriented fragments are more bureaucratic and more deeply staffed.

There are a lot of other Financial Services which offer great opportunities, and these are listed below: -

  • Venture Capital - It is a category of private equity capital, which is provided by the professionals. This is done in the interest of the company to taking it to an IPO.
  • Private Equity - These are closed - end funds, their take in the market is to control the private equity stakes. The private equity funds which are most successful can generate remarkably higher returns than any other funds in the market.
  • Advisory Services - These services are managed by the stock broker and the discount brokers. The investors are assisted by the stock brokers in buying and selling of the shares. Discount brokerage is offered primarily by the Internet based companies.
  • Debt Resolution - This service is for individuals who have too much of debts to clear off. In this, the refunding is done in case to settle the debts without declaring any bankruptcy and by paying off the loan.

Financial Services offer great career in the industry itself as this industry constitutes the largest chain of companies. It assures great growth in every aspect to an individual who devotes good performances at work.

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