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Work Environment:

Geo-technicians accumulate and scrutinize data from samples of rock, while assisting the work of geoscientists.

As a geotechinician, your job would include most of the daily-routine laboratory tasks like:

  • examining the physical attributes and chemical composition of models
  • arranging models of water, rock and soil for trials

In your work, you'll employ various special tools and computer software programs, and you might be liable for supporting and repairing lab machinery and equipment. Based on the kind of study you are performing, your tasks could also consist of:

  • assisting teaching personnel in colleges and universities
  • translate information from seismic-investigation
  • cataloging and borehole-drilling movement
  • acquiring and analyzing geophysical information
  • organizing geographical maps segments
While working as a superior technician, you might also be liable for coaching and overseeing employees, planning work schedule, preserving quality-standards and generating statements and reports for scientist and engineers.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You can initiate as junior geo-technician if you encompass about 5 GCSEs: (A-C), with Mathematics, English, and Science. Still, several employers/companies will want you to contain HND or HNC by BTEC, degree, or levels of A. You'll require an actual interest into Computing, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

Numerous course-providers provide HND courses approved by BTEC, however merely a limited number concentrate into geology. Geology is generally obtainable at level of degree. For the list of universities and colleges who are providing these training courses, see the website of UCAS.

You might have a benefit while submitting an application for a training-course or for a work, if you encompass any experience into the area of work. Such as, you can enroll with your regional geological-group or utilize Directory of Geologists to get information of organizations functioning within the field of geology. The Geological-Society also contains particulars of a number of official work-experience programs.

The EMP exam-board provide second and third level Certificates into Extraction and Mineral-Processing, which might furthermore assist you to get ready for job in this field.

Training Details:

While you are at work, you'll generally be given practical training by your company/employer, which frequently comprise short training-courses with regards to the practice of specific equipment or methods.

You might furthermore be motivated to acquire additional qualifications like degree with geology subject, which might be obtainable on part time basis.

You can also function to get second to fourth levels of NVQ into Laboratory and Associated Technical-Activities.

Skills and knowledge:

  • the capability to perform job without any direction
  • excellent IT proficiency
  • endurance
  • admirable numerical abilities
  • practical-skills, to utilize hi-tech machinery, equipment and tools
  • a logical manner to solve problems
  • the aptitude to focus on particulars
  • superb observational abilities
  • fine scientific and technical abilities

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial earnings of Geo-technicians can range from $13,000 to $16,000 annually.
  • By experience, the income can amplify to about $23,000 to $32,000.

Working Conditions:

You'll be working within a lab, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on weekdays. Though, sometimes you might have to work on weekend and evening to meet up target. If you're concerned in equipment repairs and maintenance, you may have to work as per Shift-Schedule.

Within the laboratory, you'll put on protecting outfits and utilize safety tools while executing particular trials and analysis.

Different Opportunities:

You can get job in the oil and gas field, within water and engineering firms and with colleges and universities providing geology training-courses.

If you get the job within bigger association, it will provide you better chances for your career-growth and the opportunity to be eligible as Geoscientist. Environment-Agency and British Geological-Survey (component of Natural-Environment Research-Council (NERC)), these are the major recruiters of geoscientist field and technical personnel within the UK.

If you are functioning in a small organization, you might have to reposition so as to advance your profession. You may be able to proceed to an administrative position or in a different area, e.g. as a lab technician within a school or college.

You can find publications such as 'Geology Today and Nature' useful for further reading and job-opening particulars.

Along with this career guidance, refer these sample of earth science major resume and resume for geographic major.


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