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Earth Science Major Resume

What are the information you should convey to your employer, to get the job interview? Well, the answer to this question is difficult and confusing. Proper planning and preparation is the key factor of generating a successful resume. This earth science major resume has been provided for your reference. The information is short, precise, and to the point. It communicates relevant work experience, skill-sets, and educational qualifications. This resume sample will help you to undergo the real process of preparing a unique resume, that delivers a job interview. The tips and techniques provided in the sample will definitely work in writing a successful job application resume.

Earth Science is a broad scientific study that focuses on the origin and the existence of life forms. It is in fact the study of the complete cycle/processes that has evolved in shaping the earth. A major in earth science encompasses various areas like the evolution of life forms, causes of natural calamities on the earth, the chemical and physical evolution of the earth, origin of oceans, earth processes, the impact of humans on the earth, and many more.

With a major degree in earth science, one can obtain a rewarding career in research field, government organizations, petroleum industries, industrial institutions, schools and colleges, and in environmental research centers. A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Geology is one of the major subjects that are covered in the field of earth science.

Students with a major in geology, focus on the scientific study of the earth. The role of a geologist is to conduct research on natural substances found on earth, like rocks, liquid and gases, impact of physical and chemical processes on earth, preparing reports and summaries of research conducted, testing soils, etc. One can specialize as a geologist in areas like Volcanology and Seismology, Oceanography, Petrology, and Planetary Geology.

Earth Science Major Resume

Sally Andrew
332 S. Flagler Drive, East Palm Beach, Florida
Cell No: 123-205-1059

Career Goals:

Diverse of knowledge of earth natural forms with hands on experience in conducting research on earth natural calamities. Looking a challenging position as a volcanologist in a major research firm

Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of general geologic concepts, Environmental Science, and geological software
  • Extensive knowledge of environmental monitoring, Unified Soil Classification System, and geological mapping
  • In-depth knowledge of hydro-geology, environment health and safety guidelines, and subsurface site characterization
  • Well versed in hydrochemistry, analytical data evaluation, and groundwater investigation
  • Detail oriented with excellent knowledge of computer applications and database software
  • Strong analytical, organizational, communication and multi-tasking skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Earth Science (Major)
University of Florida in the Year 2008

Work History:

Organization: Malkke Research, Florida
Designation: Geologist
Tenure: 2010 till date

  • Responsible for geological mapping, gathering and interpreting geophysical and geological data
  • Assigned the tasks of handling multiple environmental and geotechnical projects that focuses on field survey and work
  • Perform responsibilities of testing surface water, subsurface site characterizations, and groundwater sampling
  • Handle the tasks of providing instructions and monitoring in the installations of wells
  • Assigned responsibilities of soil classification, groundwater hydro geological assessments, and interpretations of findings
  • Perform the tasks of preparing data, reviewing reports, and identifying geological formations
  • Responsible for conducting research on soil delineation and soil sampling
  • Perform aquifer performance testing and preparing reports of groundwater monitoring findings

Organization: Reens Group, Florida
Designation: Junior Geologist
Tenure: 2008 to 2010

  • Handled all field work activities like drilling oversight, general site inspections, and groundwater sampling
  • Performed responsibilities of groundwater sampling, hydro geological assessments, and geologic logging
  • Assigned the tasks of preparing field survey reports and perform interpretation of environmental data
  • Responsible for data management and preparing reports of geological mappings
  • Handled the tasks of remotely monitoring rig activity, geological data analysis, and research of integrated reservoir
  • Performed responsibilities of testing and interpreting well log and other technical data gathered from field operations

There are many types of resume formats that one can use while preparing a resume. The above earth science major resume follows the style and pattern of a chronological format. You can adapt the style and techniques employed in this resume. This resume example is perfect for those seeking a career in the field of earth science. Review, refer, and customize the information provided in the sample to meet your requirements.

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