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Environmental Health Officer Careers

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Work Environment:

Being an environmental health officer (for short EHO), you'd aspire to ensure that public's living and working environment were hygienic and secure. You could cope with various matters, consisting of:

  • housing-standards
  • noise control
  • public health
  • ecological safeguard and pollution control
  • waste management
  • food-safety
  • health and safety on the work

You may do specialization from one of given fields, or you may handle all ecological health matters within your regional sector. Your job would generally include:

  • maintaining records and generating reports
  • giving guidance to groups of communities and providing educational discussions
  • gathering samples for lab tests
  • providing evidence and proof for cases which appear to court
  • looking into complaints and inspecting eruptions of pests, food poisoning or contagious disease
  • inspecting accidents no the work
  • examining companies for food norms, hygiene, and health and safety
  • imposing environmental health regulations
You'd work with officials from different council divisions like trading norms, construction control, and housing plus with Health and Safety officials, and waste management officers.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

For becoming an environmental health officer you should:

  • acquire a MSc or BSc degree in environmental health which is acknowledged by the CIEH: Chartered Institution of Environmental Health
  • accomplish a vocational learning-placement
  • get through with a sequence of professional examinations while functioning as a apprentice EHO
To acquire a degree in environmental health you'll generally necessitate 5 GCSE grades (A-C) and 2 levels of A, with a science-subject. Confirm with universities regarding different qualifications which they might allow. To acquire an MSc degree in environmental health, you'll require a 1st degree into a science subject.

Check the website of CIEH for a directory of universities providing acknowledged courses.

Then again, you can initiate as an environmental health technician by a regional council if you've A-levels, a HND or National Diploma by BTEC into a science-subject, or preceding experience into associated work such as pest control or food-hygiene.

Your company might then provide you with the opportunity to advance to qualified-EHO by supporting you to accomplish the degree on part time basis while you're functioning as an environmental health technician.

You'd require a driving license for this work.

Training Details:

To become eligible as an environmental health officer, you should:

  • accomplish a period of vocational learning as a placement
  • maintain a training log-book, recognized as an ELP: Experiential Learning-Portfolio, throughout your vocational learning
  • get your ELP evaluated as proficient
  • get through with the CIEH Professional-Exam
Once you have accomplished all these phases, you'll be qualified and given the Registration Certificate by Environmental Health-Registration Board. This provides you CIEH graduate-membership.

Being an eligible environmental health officer, you must stay updated with latest developments all through your vocation. CIEH provides various short training courses and seminars to assist your career development.

Subsequent to about 5 years of practice, you may apply for the chartered-status of Environmental Health Practitioner to CIEH. Visit the website of the CIEH for information.

Skills and knowledge:

  • the aptitude to work by yourself and as member of a group
  • excellent interpersonal-skills, for coping with persons from all backdrops
  • concern and concentration towards particulars
  • diplomacy and assertiveness
  • negotiation-skills
  • a comprehensive scientific and technical knowledge
  • outstanding written and oral communication abilities
  • the capability to comprehend and describe associated regulations

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Remunerations in regional government are usually range from $26,000 to $32,000 annually.
  • Earnings for superior and management positions can be $62,000 annually.

Working Conditions:

You'd work weekly for 36-40 hours, on weekdays, which might sometimes consist of weekend and evening work. You can also work on part time basis.

You'd be working within office, although employ most of the time outdoors giving visits to houses and businesses. Locations might be possible hazardous, dirty, or displeasing, though you'd put on protecting outfits like overalls and protection masks.

Different Opportunities:

The majority of the work chances are with regional councils. You can also get job within the private section, e.g. inspecting food-standards and health and safety for firms such as hotels and food providers.

Employment openings and training-placements may be publicized by the regional and nationwide newspapers, CIEH and regional councils.

Within regional government there is a precisely described structure of promotion to superior, principal and chief environmental health officer. By experience, you can also decide be an environmental health consultant within the private section, giving guidance to companies regarding environmental health regulation.

Along with this career guidance, refer these tips for writing former small business owner (environmental service) resume.


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