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Former Small Business Owner (Environmental Service) Resume

The resume of a former small business owner (environmental service) radiates the candidate's professional qualities, while providing an executive summary bearing fundamental information pertaining to his role so far in any specified sector within the field of environmental service. Having been self-employed or owning a business previously adds a significant value to your profile, and the recruiters are bound to consider you as a desirable candidate, provided that you present all details with enhancement. The resume is a tool for expressing your interests and capabilities, and there are many good marketers seeking the position that you desire; and what do they market? The product to be marketed here is your profile. You need to present your core competencies, considering the expectation of the employer. Take a short walk within your memories and gather all the information that you encounter, information pertaining to your expertise in environmental service (any given sub-sector). Jot them all down on a rough notepad and pick the most significant elements, those that hold utmost relevance to the specifications of the job that you're seeking. Be brief throughout the resume, and strive to maintain precision and uniformity. All dated facts must be arranged in a reverse chronological order, featuring the recent ones on top. Use bullets while listing your key skills for extra focus.

In the environmental service resume sample given below, you'll see that it starts with your contact details, followed by a career objective. Observe the formation of sentence here. You need to compile a set of information pertaining to your interests and vision together into one or two brief sentences, also holding personal relevance to the requirements put forth by the employer. Keep your application employer-centered. You'll also see that the educational details are not elaborated. There's no need to project a detailed educational history unless you're a recently graduated candidate. You may include a section dedicated to projecting your accomplishments, including the information of any honors that you may have received along the course of your business. References are to be included only if the employer has specified.

Include an equally effective cover letter

If you're not aware - your job application consists of two essential parts, one of which is your resume, but the cover letter holds more significance here, as it is almost like a personal message to the employer. It is an official introduction to your application as well as your profile. The letter should successfully present the fundamental elements that shape your profile, while not forgetting to address your willingness to serve for the preservation of environment and become an active part of the company that shares your vision. There are several sample cover letters throughout the website, browse carefully to come across one that's most suitable to your profile.

See below for a free sample of environmental service resume of a former small business owner:

Anthony R. Debusk
3852 Locust View Drive
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 922-7212


Former owner of environmental services business seeking an opportunity to further design and implement strategic plans for solid waste management, and contribute to the preservation of the environment, while serving for the advancement of the organization.

Executive Summary:

  • Owner and president of CZone, San Francisco, involved in the provision of solid waste management services and consultation
  • Involved in the forecasting and preparation of annual and long term budgets
  • Over 18 years of experience in the management and disposal of solid hazardous, biomedical, plastic, metal, and electronic waste
  • Experienced in the separation of organic matter from household and kitchen wastes
  • Have worked closely with waste recycling machines, filtering equipment, separation system etc
  • Proficient in the administration of waste management procedures such as composting and incineration, with recycling as the major area of profession
  • Include any cost effective strategies that you have implemented to deliver desirable outcomes
  • Mention the details of any major contracts or partnership deals, including the subject of contract and the duration

Key Skills:

  • Highly skilled in the development, planning, and implementation of management strategies, with extra focus on suspected loopholes
  • Highly self-motivated, creative approach towards critical and problematic situations
  • Proficient in the preparation, review, and maintenance of financial records, experienced in internal auditing process
  • In depth knowledge of human resources management, marketing, taxation, purchasing, and quality control
  • Sound experience in the regulation of interdepartmental communication (subjected to small business)

Employment History:

President/Owner2000 till 2009
CZone Environmental Services
1000 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Operational Manager1991 till 2000
Kingston Environmental Services Inc
San Francisco, CA


MS in Environmental Sciences1990
University of California, Berkeley
Placed in grade A

BSc in Environmental Studies1984
DeVry University
Placed in grade A


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