Psychiatric Nurse Resume Objective

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Job Description:

  • Checking admitted patients in daily basis.
  • Reviewing and recording physical and psychological status.
  • Providing medical help for patients that suffer from serious mental illnesses.
  • Performing as part of a multi-disciplinary team member.
  • Interpreting patient's response to treatments.
  • Assisting patients in mental disorders or problems.
  • Assessing patient requirements and expanding nursing plans of treatment.
  • Guiding staff regarding psychiatric topics.
  • Providing home health nursing care as necessary.
  • Controlling violent patients.
  • Obtaining medical history and family background of newly admitted patients.
  • Managing medications as prescribed by doctors.

  • Providing medical assistance in emergency situation.
  • Monitoring and assisting staff of nurse.
  • Communicating with patients in order to reduce stress.
  • Conducting research to design nursing care plans.
  • Scheduling appointments for patients.

These are the required skills for the post of psychiatric specialist

  • Extremely effective communication skills.
  • Exceptional ability to control violent patients.
  • Able to analyze medical documents or data.
  • Detail knowledge of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
  • Possess experience as psychiatric.
  • In depth knowledge of professional nursing laws and regulations.
  • Ability to learn and understand psychiatric nursing techniques.
  • Exceptional ability to analyze behavior of mentally disturb patient.
  • Superb ability to prepare and maintain medical reports.
  • Ability to respectively maintain confidential information about patients.
  • Proficiency in computer such as word, excel, outlook, access.
  • Proven ability in organization and management.
  • Great ability to accomplish health care plans in timely manner.
  • Extremely result oriented with practical and critical thinking.
  • Capability to work hard in new environment.
Objective Statements:
  • To achieve the position of psychiatric nurse in a hospital setting with knowledge of medical procedures and capability to handle patients. I also have extensive experience in case management and aptitude to build cooperative relations with patient's family members.
  • Looking for the best job opportunity as psychiatric nurse in well known medical center that help me to make my career in this field. I have basic experience in performing psychiatric nursing tasks with effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Desire to become a psychiatric nurse in result oriented mental health care organization where I can use my nursing abilities and other job related skills. Ability to handle mentally ill patients and capability to effectively communicate with them; my all qualities and capabilities will help them to recover from mental problems.
  • Seeking forwarded to perform as a psychiatric nurse in mental heath care association that continues provide care for mentally disturb patients. I would like to participate in mental health care procedures with my educational background and other job qualities.
  • I am responsible and skilled candidate applying for the post of psychiatric nurse in your reputed mental care hospital. I would like to highlight that I have completed associate degree in nursing from XYZ University; my educational qualification and expertise will help me to provide good health care service as well as help to improve goodwill of medical center.
Refer the resume sample of technician expert of psychiatrists to write perfect resume objective.