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Job of a forest worker

A forest worker manages the woodland areas of the forest and protects its ecological balance. He is involved in every possible activity carried out for protection and maintenance of the forest. Doing tree-safety inspections, planting new tree seedlings, digging and managing water drainage system in the forest are only some of his responsibilities. As a forest worker has to deal with many tasks at a time, he should have good knowledge about specialized forestry equipment. A forest worker cuts and trims the trees which are disturbing the opaque forest structure. He is also involved in cleaning the forest, and protects the forest trees from diseases.

1. Cover Letter Sample (for Fresher)

Chris J. Strayhorn
722 Roosevelt Street
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone- 415-384-8312

William F. McKinnon
General Manager
The woodland Trust Services
1870 Hidden Meadow Drive
Fredonia, ND 58440

Subject- Application for the position of forest worker

Dear Sir,

I came across your advertisement in the Environmental Beats about requirement of few forest workers in your organization. I would like to apply for this job profile. Though I am not experienced enough in this field, I have an interest in environment and working outdoors. I have completed my schooling and I also have passed an introductory diploma in Land and Environment of the Forest Ministry.

If I am shortlisted for this vacancy on a contract basis, I am ready to work even on weekends. I am equally interested in part-time and casual work. I am well prepared for the actual field job; with the excellence in tree climbing and cutting. I am trained in quite some farm duties, because I had my own farm.

Hence, considering my interest and skills; I would be glad if you give me this opportunity to work with your organization. I am looking forward to your reply to this letter. Please contact me on the above given contact information, if you find me eligible for this job.

Thanking you for your time!

Yours earnestly,

Chris J. Strayhorn


  • Resume
  • Educational certificates
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof

2. Cover Letter Example (for Experienced candidate)

Jacob A. Davis
2998 Jett Lane
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone- 310-725-2067

Fernando D. Burg
Tough Forest Destination
2854 Terra Street
Seattle, WA 98161

Subject- Application for the post of a forest worker

Respected Sir,

A friend of mine who works with your company told me about this available vacancy. I am an experienced forest worker, and have the experience of over eight years. I have been working on contract basis all through my career.

Due to my inclination towards this field, I have updated myself time to time with various related certificate courses. I have done a Diploma in Forestry and Arboricultural, along with level 1 and 2 courses in Certificate in Practical Environmental and Conservation Skills.

I would like to declare that I am physically fit for this job, and a strict professional. You will not receive any complaints from me, or about me. I am well organized and I hold profound knowledge of botany.

I am really looking forward to work with your organization. Please contact me on my details if you find my resume efficient enough.

Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,

Jacob A. Davis

Enclosed documents

  • Resume
  • Educational certificates
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Experience certificates

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