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Veterinary Technician Resume

Job Description:

A veterinary technician has the responsibility to provide technical support to the veterinarians in giving proper treatment to the animals. He or she performs numerous responsibilities and play vital roles in the veterinary clinics and at the animal hospitals. Sometimes, the technicians have to attend the calls of the customers at their residences to treat their pet animals when the customers are not in position to bring them to the clinics or hospitals.

The veterinary technicians also help the doctors in giving anesthesia, laboratory testing, surgery, dentistry, and nursing. They have to collect the samples such as urine, blood, etc., to carry the necessary lab tests, record and analyze and report the results to the doctors. He/she has to assist in the radiology department in positioning the patients for taking radiography.

The technician has to assist the doctors in treating the outpatients, keeping the record of appointments, maintaining stock position, cleaning the examination room and ensuring the smooth passage of the inflow of outpatient appointments right from the check in to the discharge.

Stephen G
16, Abner Road
Phone: 715-348-2610

Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of a veterinary technician in a veterinary hospital to show and utilize my animal care skills, as I am a lover of pet animals.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • I have a good experience as a veterinary technician.
  • I am a CVT certified technician.
  • With my experience, I can provide the best possible care to the pet animals.
  • I am capable of educating the clients and can explain about preventive care methods and pet health requirements.
  • I am very much aware of safe restraining techniques and ensure the safety of the pets, clients, and associates.
  • I can diagnose the diseases by simply going through physical symptoms and suggest proper treatment.
  • I am capable of maintaining a clean atmosphere, sterilize the equipment and treating areas, examination rooms, and laboratories.
  • I am experienced in assisting the surgeries to be performed by veterinary doctors.
  • I have enough computer skills.

Professional Experience:

I am working as a veterinary technician in a veterinary hospital in Chicago from March, 2005 to till date and my proven skills and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I am responsible for providing nursing care till the wounds are healed for the animals.
  • I have done laboratory tests on samples drawn from the animals to find the actual problems and suggested treatment needed.
  • I am responsible for sterilizing the surgical equipment and cleaning them and the area of treatment, after the surgery is completed.
  • I am capable of handling, holding back, pacifying the pet animals, and provide care, during treatment and surgery.
  • I am in charge of the radiology department and take radiograph as recommended by the doctors.

I had also worked as a junior veterinary technician, prior to my current employment, in a veterinary clinic in Chicago from the year 2001 to 2004, and during my tenure I have attended to the following duties.

  • I had provided necessary wound care and bandage care.
  • I had assisted in giving medications and vaccines.
  • I had assisted and supported the veterinary doctors during treatment and surgery.
  • I had advised the clients as regards to proper nutrition and pet care at their homes.
  • I had also performed clerical duties such as admission of the patients and discharge after recovery.
  • I had kept a record of patients in all respects and entered the information in the computer for future references.
  • I had also maintained the inventory positions perfectly.
  • I had handled cash payments, maintained cash register and answered the telephone calls from the clients.


I have an associate degree in Special Technologies including Veterinary Technologies.
Affiliations: I am a member of Chicago Veterinary Technicians Association.

It has been in the practice in the recent years to submit a resume along with the application when you are in search of a job. Therefore, if you are looking for the position of a veterinary technician, you have to design a veterinary technician resume, showing all your skills, and present it to the employer for review.

Before applying for a job, you have to ascertain what the requirements of the employers are and what they expect from you. The importance of veterinary technician resume is that, with defining your skills and experience, the employer must begin to think that you will be an asset to his or her organization.

When you can understand what the employer is looking for, ahead of the interview, you will be able to design the details of veterinary technician resume to contain all the requirements needed by the employer that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

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