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Ultra Sound Technician Resume

This resume example is an approach of writing a perfect resume. It addresses the requirement of the position in a professional manner. The aim of this resume is to inform job seekers about the techniques of writing a resume. The sample follows the style of writing a resume in the chronological format. This ultra sound technician resume is indeed the simplest and the effective way of preparing a resume. Like an effective marketing tool, this resume advertises only the required information in the most attractive manner.

An ultra sound technician is a health care professional who takes images of the patient's body organs for the purpose of providing health care services. A person working in this field is also known as diagnostic medical sonographer. The main job objective is to operate ultrasound machines to scan human body for medical purposes.

Some of the responsibilities of an ultra sound technician include operating and maintaining the ultra sound equipment, providing instructions and guidelines in the use of the equipment to physicians, maintaining the laboratory, conducting diagnostic examinations, maintaining supplies, evaluating the ultrasound equipment, preparing patient's records, monitoring the operation of the equipment, supporting surgeries in regular patient's check-ups, providing directions to patients at the time of taking ultra sound to get the best result, maintaining the patients' medical record, supervising the use of equipment, preparing files of medical imaging requisitions, maintaining patient charts, selecting images result to assist physicians in health checkups, and providing training to the staff.

The job of an ultra sound technician requires knowledge of operational procedures of ultrasound equipment, quality ultrasound images, and diagnostic imaging equipment. An ultrasound technician requires excellent communication, technical knowledge, troubleshooting, and interpersonal skills. It is mandatory to possess a bachelor's degree in science with a certified course in the particular equipment.

Sample Ultra Sound Technician Resume

James Harris
6729 Stratford St, Owensburg, IN 47453
Cell: (123)-094-7784
Email: harris


Looking for a responsible position as an ultrasound technician with the aim of providing best services in the operation and maintenance of ultrasound equipment in a renowned health care organization

Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the operation and maintenance of ultrasound/sonography equipment
  • Extensive knowledge of complex diagnostic imaging equipment and screening procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of medical technologies and standard diagnostic procedures
  • Diverse knowledge of radiologic technology and quality testing techniques and methodologies
  • Ability to perform the tasks efficiently with excellent problem solving skills
  • Possess excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills

Professional Experience:

Organization: Life Health Services, IN
Designation: Ultra Sound Technician (2011 -till date)

  • Handle the tasks of providing technical support to health care professionals in the use of biopsy instrument with the use of sonographic applications
  • Perform the responsibilities of identifying stones and masses in the body by using sound wave techniques
  • Responsible for evaluating and preparing test reports of the quality of sonograms
  • Assigned the responsibilities of providing instructions and guidelines in the use of equipment to physicians
  • Handle the tasks of preparing files of medical imaging requisitions and patient's health records in the ward
  • Perform the responsibilities of evaluating the performance of ultrasound to ensure that it functions as outlined in the technical manual

Organization: Emcure Engineering, IN
Designation: Junior Ultra Sound Technician (2008 -2010)

  • Handled the responsibilities of identifying the requirements of patient service and update the requirement to the concerned physician
  • Assigned the tasks of testing the operation of ultra sound equipment and maintaining the inventory records
  • Performed the responsibilities of preparing the patient for ultra sound by assisting in proper positioning of the body
  • Responsible for maintaining the quality of ultra sound equipment by following standard preventive maintenance procedures


Bachelor Degree in Science
University of IN in 2008

Make sure to highlight all the information that will attract the attention of the employer. Here, all the information does not mean junk information. It is essential to select only the information that will match with the job requirement of the employer. The above resume presents the best information that will guide job seekers in an effective manner. The sample template is all about preparing a resume that delivers a job interview. Hope, this resume answers all your requirement of drafting a great resume.

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