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Psychiatric Technician Resume

Psychologist or Psychiatric, helps mentally ill or disturbed people to overcome their illness and live a normal life. A psychologist conducts regular counseling sessions with the patients to find out the cause of mental ill health and help them deal with it. A Psychiatric Technician, on the other hand, plays an active role in the rehabilitation center or hospitals where these patients are treated. He/she takes care of the treatments to be given to the patients, medications, their rehabilitation exercises, hygiene, etc. Thus, we can say that they complement the duties of the Psychologists. Some psychologists themselves function as a technician. They counsel as well as offer required medical treatment, medications, injections, etc., in the hospital. Thus, the two can be clubbed. However, when it comes to technicalities, we can differentiate psychologist from a psychiatric technician. A psychologist can be someone who works with schools, organizations, etc., and offers counseling to even normal people, to help overcome daily stress of life or any other failure. These people need not be mentally ill, but need guidance to get rid of the complications of life. Thus, the two profiles can be distinguished.

To understand more about the same and to draft a resume for the said profile, refer to the psychiatric technician resume sample given below. The resume given below is drafted as per the professional resume format, making it simple for anyone willing to draft a resume to put forth his/her candidature.

Psychiatric Technician Resume Sample

Sheryl .S. Xavier
North Lane Street
Blueberry Crossroad
Fort Lauderdale, FL 20001
Ph: 888-000-0002

Career Objective:

Having handled patients of different ages dealing with different mental and emotional problems, am capable of handling any type of case and am looking forward to work with a rehabilitation center wherein I can use my expertise to help the patients overcome mental ill health as soon as possible.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 4 years and working under the guidance of experts in my field, I am currently working with Open Skies Rehab Center, wherein I am responsible for medication and treatment of the patients at the rehab, helping them get back to normal life, and live a hygienic healthy life while in rehab. Currently, I handle 4 patients independently, and am solely responsible for their rehabilitation program.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Good at understanding the mental conditions of the patients and tackling any issues pertaining to it with love and care
  • Extremely caring and loving nature
  • Thorough with various medications, tests, and treatment procedures used in the rehabs
  • Good convincing skills to help prepare patients mentally before any medication

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Open Skies Rehab Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (2009-till date)
Designation: Psychiatric Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work in coordination with consulting psychologist and relatives of the patient to help the patient overcome his/her health problem
  • Responsible for following the treatment and medication schedule prescribed for the patients
  • Responsible for imparting the prescribed medication and treatment to the patient
  • Communicating and convincing the patient to willingly accept the medicines of treatments so that it proves to be more effective
  • Responsible for maintaining hygiene of the patients under my supervision
  • Responsible for updating the reports of the patient from time to time, such that the consulting psychologists could use it as a basis for further sessions or treatments

Previous Work Experiences:

Holy Christ Medical Services., Fort Lauderdale, FL. (2007-2009)
Designation: Jr. Psychiatric Technician

  • Assist the Sr. Technician
  • Assist in imparting medicines and treatments from time to time
  • Keep a check of the schedule of the patient's medications and remind the Sr. technician about the same
  • Update the reports as per the instructions of the seniors


  • Bachelors of Arts with honors in Clinical Psychology, University of Grant Ford, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2007

Computer Skills:

  • Thorough with MS Office, web surfing, and efficient use of MS Excel to maintain records and reports

Hobbies and Interests:

Reading, playing with pets, swimming, and outdoor sports


Willing to relocate to Connecticut


Available on request

Sheryl .S. Xavier(dd/mm/yyyy)

The psychiatric technician resume sample given above effectively presents the candidate's skills, abilities, and experience, and makes it simple for the employer to judge, whether he/she meets the said job requirements. The resume effectively presents all the required information such that the employer gets exactly what he wants and finds it simple to make a decision pertaining to applicant's candidature. Use the same to draft your resume, and get started now.People looking for the best cover letter sample for this position may hav a look here.

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