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Planetarium Technician Resume

A Planetarium is a place where we get to witness the galaxy, milky way, stars, meteors, etc. Usually the universities have a planetarium and it runs programs at regular intervals for school students, civilians, for people studying astronomy, etc. A planetarium will have a theater wherein, on the big screen you get to see and learn about the stars and constellations. It also has telescopes and people get to see the stars, their movement, eclipses, etc., live with the help of these telescopes. Operating a planetarium is not a simple task. There is a team of administrators, astronomers, light technicians, etc., working in a planetarium. One such job role is that of a Planetarium Technician. This person has a mixed job profile that includes administrating as well as overseeing the technicalities like maintaining and operating the equipment in the planetarium. This will not include major maintenance tasks but minor maintenance that is required for uninterrupted functioning of the planetarium. The planetarium theater makes use of audio video equipment, telescopes, etc., and the Planetarium Technician is responsible for maintaining the same. Besides he/she is responsible for the administrative and clerical tasks of the Planetarium. For more on the same or to apply for the same, read the sample planetarium technician resume given below.

Planetarium Technician Resume Sample

Jacob .T. Anderson
1127 Market Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 21010
Ph: 866-822-1111

Career Objective:

Looking for suitable opportunities with some of the renowned planetariums of USA. Having worked in this field for almost 5 years am now capable of working independently and managing any planetarium. Thus, am looking for opportunities wherein my technical and supervision skills can be put to use.

Career Summary:

Am currently employed with St. Paul's Planetarium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida as the Sr. Planetarium Technician and am responsible for managing the planetarium, operating the audio video equipment, and taking up minor maintenance activities that help in smooth functioning of the planetarium.

Summary of Skills:

  • Keen interest in astronomy, observing the stars and constellations, etc.
  • Thorough with operation and maintenance of all the technical equipment used in the planetarium
  • Good coordination and communication skills
  • Thorough with the administration and maintenance requirements of the planetarium
  • Well acquainted with the record maintenance and planning of different programs during eclipses, or any other movement of stars in the space
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability of working in teams

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Paul's Planetarium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2008-till date)
Designation: Sr. Planetarium Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for maintenance and operation of all the audio video equipment used in the planetarium
  • Work in coordination with the program presenter or coordinator to assure that the desired effects are created by modifying the equipment, such that the program puts forth everything with utmost clarity
  • Responsible for maintenance, operation, and modification of electro-optic equipment, projectors, auxiliary instruments, etc., used in the planetarium
  • Coordinate with the script writer, select proper background music, compile music and scenes, and make proper programs
  • Check the equipment for proper functioning to ensure that the program goes on without interruption
  • Work in coordination with the administration staff to make sure that all things are in place before the show commences

Previous Work Experiences:

Town Hall Planetarium, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (2005-2008)
Designation: Jr. Planetarium Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Sr. Technician
  • Assist in maintenance and operations of various audio and projection equipment used in the planetarium
  • Assist in maintaining the sound and light technicalities by working in coordination with the light and sound technician
  • Assist in maintaining discipline and security to make sure that none of the planetarium property is damaged


  • Bachelors of Arts (Planetarium Technology), University of King Louis IV, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2005
  • Diploma in Disaster Management, Institute of Disaster Management, Florida - 2006

Computer Skills:

  • Well acquainted with MS Office and basic Internet operations

Hobbies and Interests:

Reading, traveling, and web surfing


Willing to relocate to Hartford or Richmond


Available on request

Jacob .T. Anderson(dd/mm/yyyy)

The planetarium technician resume sample shared herewith will help one in drafting a resume that will help in presenting one's candidature and putting forth the same effectively. The resume presents a ready to use template, which can be altered and used to fill in one's information to draft a perfect professional resume.

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